Define Like Like Meaning

Like Like
Like like is more then liking as a friend, yet different then a crush. Its a step above a crush, and a step below love.

"Dude, Jenna so like likes Tom!"
"I do not like like David, I just like him."
"So... do you like like me, or just like me?"
By Marcy
Like Like
The affection between like and love.

"Love" is like "like like" like "like like" is like "like"!
By Barbie
Like Like
To be sexually attracted to; to fancy

When someone is inclined to be more fond of, keen on, partial to, and attracted to another; and he/she is experiencing the strongest feelings of 'like' towards the other. The feeling is usually reciprocated.

Mike: "So, do you like me or do you like like me?"
By Thalia
Like Like
1. Noun, a 1990's-2000's teenager who uses the word "like" excessively, often during pauses and in place of words like "um," "uh," and just plain silence.
2. An enemy in the Legend of Zelda series that eats shields and is in general very annoying; similar to definition 1.

Your girlfriend is such a like like, she's said "like" fifteen times in one sentence!
By Bebe
Like-like Like
Where you only like someone because you want to like someone.

The lonely guy, wanting to find love, like-like liked the ugly old woman.
By Viole
Like Like Like
Where you more than like like someone, but you don't say you love them. Like like like is a sign of a relationship going somewhere.

Wow, did you see that she smiled so much around him? She must really like like like him.
By Madel
I Like Like You, Like More Than Like, Like LIKE LIKE You. Like REALLY LIKE LIKE LIKE You

Dad- "I like like you, like more than like, like LIKE LIKE you. Like REALLY LIKE LIKE LIKE you"
Son- "you mean love?"
Dad- "no"
By Dode
Like, Like Like
An expression used when a person is clarifying on if someone has a crush on somebody else or not.

Aurora: I think I like this guy.
Kylee: Like, like like him?
Aurora: Yeah.
By Carmelia
Like Like
It is a subtle way of telling someone that they are "in love" with them.

I "like like" you.
By Katine
Whenever you like someone of the oppisite gender and it's like a crush and is universally referred to as like-like.

Oh my gosh, Johnny likes Jenny!
Does he like-like her?
By Olimpia