Define Line Up Meaning

Line Up
a) The performers that are going to be at a music festival.

b) When surfing, the waves break at a certain point. All the surfers are behind that point in a line, as to not get in the way when one is paddling for a wave that is about to break. That is the "lineup".

Bob: Are you going to Sunset Strip Music Festival?
Marley: Depends who's on the Line Up...
Bob: Oh dude, Pepper, Iration, Shwayze, Chris Cornell and like 30+ more artists!

b) Get in the lineup dude
By Wendi
Line Up
(Canadian, noun) Line or queue.

The roller coaster has a long line up, eh?
By Zola
Line Up
when u got a group of girls that you talk 2 all the time: girls in rotation

man what u got up 4 2 night, shit i don kno let me go thru tha line up
By Hulda
Lined Up
Scheduled, planned

What hav you got lined up for tonight?
By Alfreda
Line Ups
When a group of people line up and an individual comes along and does something sexual or has sex with each one, one by one!

Jennifer Terease did line ups with the Italian waiters in her hotel room.
By Alia
Lined Up
when someone's hairline is very neat,
straight, and not crooked. It's even.

Look at his hair? He needs his afro lined up.
By Binni
Line Up
(UK style)

A line up is when a line of males receives blowjobs from a female. Usually the female is in early/mid teens.

Line ups may occur on the streets in certain parts of the UK, On fields, and generally anywhere where there is:

1. Alcohol.
2. A gang of scals.
3. A slut.

"Oi slag, do a line up"

"She is propa line up material"

By Giacinta
Lined Up
Scheduled, planned

What have you got lined up for tonight?
By Gale
Line Up
A situation that is guaranteed to be found outside any female toilet at a public event.

Bloody hell, look at the line up outside the sheilas' shitter.
By Phil
Line Up
Hair cut recieved by Gangsters,homo-thug or G's: In whitch your bangs are perpendicular with the sideburns that are made pointy and thin resmbeling the penis in their pants.

yeah dawg, lets go get our illmatic line up's.
By Eliza