Define Lubricant Meaning

Lubricant can be used to avoid breaking a condom during vaginal or anal sex. To be compatible with condoms, it should be mentioned on the lubricant, usually water based or silicone based. It may be better than saliva but has to be renewed also. However if you are only looking for casual hookups, it is better that a woman chooses a lubricant that she tried alone first, since some people have allergic reactions (even with organic lubricant) and guys could lose the opportunity to get laid if it happens!

I met a girl who wants to try anal, it will be safer to buy some lubricant.
By Sayre
A really glossy slick gel, sometimes found in flavors which you put on a males penis to make it easier, faster and harder while having regular, oral or butt sex.

Angie likes using lubricant with tonie so its harder and Marena likes strawberry lubricant while being with Cory
By Meaghan
a slick substance that is put on a males penis to make it easier to put in a vagina.

masen put on the lubricant to make it easier to make his penis slip in.
By Gretna
lubricant lube- Something to make the womens, vagina or ass, oiled up during some good ass sex.

"Yo bro, did u use lubricant to oil that ass up?"
"Yeah that shit was lubed as fuck."
By Chantalle
I have 50 bottles of it in my house

By Gerta
To make something slippery. A more erotic explanation would be to make the penis or vagina more slippery and hence achieve a better rubbing feeling when the sex organs are rubbing against each other. Men produce a lubricant called precum while women secrete vaginal fluid that makes the vagina walls wet.

To enhance a better sex experience both partners secrete lubricants that lubricate their respective sex organs.
By Carey
a substance that allows easy access into a woman

god thats rough, you need some loob (lubrication)
By Eugine
adj. to be a tid bit drunk...enough for a mother to forget that her kids are in the room when she starts making out with daddy's weasel...

Frank: Yo...i'm messed up man...haha woa
Carl: Ahah...i'm a smidge bit're crazy man
By Genovera
to make easier to use or slipperier;)

Guy 1: Make sure you lubricate before hand
Guy 2: I know the drill XD
By Harmonia
Drunk, high or both

Bobby- "Hey you want to party tonight?"
Billy- "Yeah! Let's get lubricated!"
By Zorina