Define Luck Meaning

when something for once in your life doesn't end up being fucked up or bad

Man, so glad I didn't get shot again today. Must be my lucky day.
By Sandi
something that I don't have.

Guy 1: Are you okay? You fell pretty hard. It looks like you broke yor spine and will never be able to walk again

Guy 2: Yeah, it's just my luck
By Meg
It may seem good now, but down the road it will fuck you in the ass one day... hard.

"Wow! Gary just asked me out! He's the hottest guy in the grade! I must be the luckiest girl on Earth..."
The next day...
"Just my luck! Gary took me to his place, tied me up, and started pounding his 10" long dong."
By Roby
life itself

count yourself lucky every day your alive...
By Ag
when skill is not used.
`in Madden 2005, when you spin and someone presses hitstick, and you are half way through ur spin, and you get sucked back to their man and fumble.

-Thats some shit, what LUCK!
-you have no skill, its all luck!
By Guillema

By Aurora
A consequence of random chance (a force which affects everyone equally and is therefore the fairest thing in life) (contrary to the bitching, whining, moaning and complaining of people who think it's "unfair" that other people make more effective use of luck than they do) (seriously, the difference between "bad" luck and "good" luck is WORK) (dammit).

"So he and I found a bundle of $100 bills, and we split them up evenly, and he spent his on women and booze while I invested mine and got rich, and now he's pissed off because I was 'lucky.'"
By Rosabel
what doesn't exist in this world. good luck and bad luck doesn't exist. its scientifically illogical. people that buy "lucky" items need to grow a brain and get something called "confidence" into their mind.

Person 1 - "Jimmy got hit by a car. and earlier, he lost his job. he's got bad luck."

Person 2 - "Oh really? I've known him to be lazy, so it doesn't surprise me that he got fired. and for the getting hit thing, some asshole must've been drinking too much beer and got behind the wheel, and then ran over him. but maybe Jimmy should've looked both ways in the street. that isn't bad luck."

Guy 1 - "oh man, my lucky boxers are missing! now i'll never pass that test!"

Guy 2 - "hey, why don't you do your homework, pay attention in class, and then you'll pass that test with no problem. unfortunately for you, you dont do that. so, i hope you fail, it'll teach you to stop guessing and start working."
By Ivy

By Ramonda

Have you used your LUCK today?
By Larina