Define Lust Meaning

the feeling you get when you see someone and all you want to do is fuck the shit out of them.

i think you know who you lust after.
By Brynn
It's that sexual arousability you get when you glance someone extremely attractive and you get these 5 seconds fantasies about having erotic sex with them. It has completely nothing to do with love.

Lust for sex has no bounds.
By Tamarra
A large physical attraction for an individual, that is sometimes uncontrollable and completely unreasonable.

Often confused with love.

Lust is not love if you don't wish to anything other than have sex with someone.

When ever I saw him, all I wanted to do was kiss him, and touch him. Strange how I never wanted to talk to him. It must have been lust.
By Jacki
A human craving which makes you attracted to another person which usually leads to mad wild sex

Joy licks justins chest
Justin becomes full of lust
By Morgan
a physical attraction to soe one or something
often mistaken for love

lust is when you love what you see
love us when you lust for whats inside
By Chrysler
Often mistaken for love. The intoxicating feeling one gets when around a member of the opposite sex one is attracted to. Purely physical, with no emotional attachment.

DO NOT confuse with love if you know what's good for you.

She lusted after him everytime she saw him. His body, his skin, his hands, they were all luscious to her.
By Harlie
a condition which is often confused with love.

She thought she was in love with him but it was just lust.
By Cathyleen
lust is the powerful emotion behind the desires of an evil heart. Everyone has this desire.

It resembles love in its internal and external apperance because of the magnitude of power behind it, but when you take a closer look, lust is to evil what love is to good. its the power behind the desires of the heart

When she walked by her beauty caught my eye. Being that we had not spoken a word, all i saw was her beauty, which delighted me.

There i should of let go but the desire in my heart to be with a beautful woman with no regard for her or anyone else feelings, I begin to lust after her.

The desire to have sex with her grew in my heart, in place of what could have been love, had i put her well being in front of my own wants and desires.
By Tracy
It's the emotion that makes you want to screw people.

No example for lust. You probably have some of your own.
By Daryn
While love is an extension of lust, lust is just an extension.

I've lusted for you for many years, let's fuck.
By Lauralee