Define Ma Meaning

It's the shortened version of the word "mami." Used in refrence to a female, generally one held in higher esteem than the average chickenhead.
Can also be used as a nickname for one's mother.

Female: Damn boy you fine as hell!
Male: Thanx ma...
By Bessy

Always am near ur heart, stay charming ma darling.
By Valentine
A female.
Used to get a females attention. Freqently used when you want to hit on a girl.

By Karmen

By Mirella
To refer to a girl that a guy thinks is hella cute he my try to get her attention

By Ula
usually used in black and boriquan slang. Term of endearment for a chica aka female.

Ohh what's goin on ma?
By Alfi
a short term that some dudez use to speak to a gurl who might b there gurl there wifey etc.

javone:yo wat up ma
shay:nuttin wats good
javone:nm ma wat u doing 2night wanna chill
shay:fo sho my dude
javone: iight ma c u later
By Kaylyn
To say sexy or something to that extent to a female

" How u doin ma this ya song ma yea come on ma ..."
^---get no better by cassidy.
By Michaela
my mother who raised me with unconditional loving care and affection

By Joby
the best thing to ever be called

its just like a nice thing to be called
its so smooth and it goes with everything
boys take notes
start calling your girl ma

you're so cute ma
By Reina