Define Machinery Meaning


Person One: Wow Sin, you really don’t understand machinery?

Sin: ya why?
Person One: guess I’ll redefine it.
By Vanna
Heavy Machinery
hev-ee muh-shee-nuh-ree

The highest form of tool, given to those who exceed the status of tool,power tool,tool bag, tool box, and Home Depot. Having no mind of there own,following everything and anyone to try and fit in. Said machinery is completley aware of their status but continues to be used.

i.e Going bag shopping with a girl you have no chance with
and paying
Person #1: You see that guy in The Gap
Person#2: There's some Heavy Machinery over there
By Carolann
Farm Machinery
Tools used to harvest crops in agricultural operations.

What do you call a barn-full of niggas?....antique farm machinery.
By Erina
Textile Machinery Enquiry Business
business enquiry from textile cloth mfg

By Frances
Whore Machinery
Any social media, especially Tiktok & Instagram being used to devolve the fe-male human species.

Look at em' they can't stop using that whore machinery.
By Ada