Define Make Meaning

To poop.

"You mind if my doggy make on your lawn?"

"Sometimes I make in my pants"
By Scarlett
1. Something earned or accomplished through much hard work.
2. The potential to earn any kind of return, income, or produce a surplus, real or imaginary.
3. Universal descriptor of a thing's essence or nature.

1. After many years of inadequacy, his hair was finally make.
2. How much make do you have?
3. The make of that is gold.
By Nancy
to have sex with

"I'd love to make her--give her the greatest sex ever."
By Theadora
Hawai'ian for dead - Pronounced mah-keh

He jump the cliff, went make.


He jumped off the cliff and died.
By Gwyn
Antonym of break. To exchange several smaller bills for one of larger value.

I've got a whole wad of cash here, can you make a hundred?
By Aggie
To make is to have another, to go that extra half yard when there seems ones energy has been drained.



He went to the well, but the well was dry !!..BUT wait !.. deep, deep within the cavenous most regions of his soul, he finds it within himself to MAKE another pint !!
By Felecia
To go for the make the hook up

that shorty's lookin nice dunn, ya gonna go for the make?
By Erena
For people that can't spell making correctly.

I'm makeing a video that will get so many views.
By Liv
Make It
1) To reach a goal.
2) To have sex, in 80's slang.

Judd: "EMILIO!!!"
Emilio: "How's your attempt to make it with a girl from every sorority on campus going?"
Judd: "I finally made it by banging Molly from Tri Delt last weekend. Serious hogging."
Emilio: "Word."
By Eugine
On The Make

guy1: how does it feel to be on the make again?
guy2: what decade did you learn that from?
By Nona