Define Making A Phone Call Meaning

Making A Phone Call
The act of performing cunnilingus on a hermaphrodite as well as giving it a hand job at the same time. The position of your head and hand will be in direct correlation as if you were talking on a telephone.

" I'm not sure if Chris is a man or a woman."

" Dude it's both. I should know, I was making a phone call on it last night."
By Gertrude
Make A Phone Call
Code phrase used by a buddy to warn his friends that he is going off to his room to masturbate.

Kevin "I gotta go make a phone call"

Mike "Alright, make sure to lock your door"
By Karie
To Make A Phone Call
This is where when your in a big crowd of people, and instead of saying, "I need to take a shit." You say, "I need to make a phone call." Its a nicer way to put it without being rude, and its just funny as hell to people who dont know what your talking about.

Sammy: "I really need to make a phone call."
Rebecca: "Then go haha"
Joe: "What you guys talking about?"
By Karalee
Make A Phone Call
To throw up after drinking lots of booze. A phrase used to let your buddies know you are gonna go and heave somewhere, but fool the hoes so they don't know you drink like a lady.

You feel like you are gonna throw up and say: "Hey ladies, I gotta go *make a phone call*, I'll be right back"

Or... Jim says to his buddies... "That guy is totally wasted, bet he needs to *make a phone call*"
By Patrice
Make A Phone Call To John Wayne
This is a more inside way of saying you have to drop a deuce (take a crap), it works really well in an office setting so that you may let your close, personal co-workers know where you are going without letting everyone else know. This is derived from John Wayne's nickname being "The Duke", and can be shortened by simply saying "I have to make a phone call", or added to by saying "man John Wayne has been calling me all day."

"I'll be right back I have to make a phone call to John Wayne."

"I'll call you right back John Wayne is calling me on my other line."
By Rachelle