Define Man Meaning


By Ashli
A sentence suffix which, when added, makes anyone sound like the Dude from "The Big Lebowski".

Four score and seven years ago, man. - A. Lincoln

I have a dream, man. - MLK

To be or not to be? That is the question, man. - Wm. Shakespeare
By Claresta

Ma man loves me takes me everywhere!
By Juliann
something that always makes me smile, seems to efforlessly make me get some crazy-assed bubbles in the pit of my stomach, who is really funny, cute and adorable and always seems to have some defining trait in him that makes him absolutely perfect, no matter which man in the world that he is

By Ivette
man: noun. A generic term for any administration, institution, law enforcement agency, rule giving organization; any restrictive body that would limit or constrain in any way an individuals liberties.

Screwing the man. Avoiding the man. Losing the man. Leaving the man. Going to bed with the man. Joining the man. Beating the man. I got caught by the man. I'll never work for the man again.
By Carolan
1) a gender of the human race, not necessarily better or worse than females.
2) generally a person who will do incredibly stupid things for a piece of ass.
3) the perfect specimen: one who can comprehend that women are not "meant to stay in the kitchen and/or bed", nor are they "life-support systems for vaginas", but are a complimentary addition to their existence.

By Valry
A man is someone who frequently doesn't phone or send an email when they say they will. This definition excludes: good husbands, brothers and fathers.

Man say's "I'll get back to on that you tomorrow."

Man say's "I'll call you at 9:30." (then doesn't)
By Danette
Someone who wouldn't make the following mistakes:

The "Dear editor" entry for the definition of "man" endorses descrimination, despite quoting the rules: "Entries can document discrimination but not endorse it".

"90% are useless, worthless arseholes" - that applies not to men, but rather to users of urban dictionary, which is a small subset of "people".

The entry is also duplicated several times.

Man: I am a man.

Woman: Yes I can see that and I am very impressed.
By Marni
an interjection that is used in situations of surprise or dissappointment. Used in the place of "damn" or even "whoa". May be considered regional and more so used in the Texas or Louisianna and surrounding areas. Can be cross used with "meng" esp. when stretched in its use (example 2 below)

Person 1: "Yo, you see my car with the new candy paint?"
Person 2: "MAN!"

Person 1: "She just bitched slapped her man in the face!"
Person 2: "MAAAAAN!"
By Camellia
a "man" can be defined by one of these three terms

1) dork

2) jerk

3) taken

I could go years before meeting an eligible man.
By Ruthie