Define Mandemic Meaning

1. referring to a general state of machismo affecting persons over a vast geographical area.

2. a highly contagious state of brodaciousness, or brovado, raising levels of brogesterone to dangerous levels.

What began as a modest brodown soon escalated into a full-fledged mandemic as hordes of the broletariat, as well as the brogeousie, converged on the streets, almost as if the brozone layer itself were replete with brogesterone and raining it down upon bros en masse.
By Guinevere
An upgrade from pandemic. When a disease affects all of mankind and only humans (so far). No one is safe.

Wow, won’t be surprised if the coronavirus is classified as a mandemic soon
By Terri
From the Latin 'Mandemulus', meaning a collection of less than reputable characters.

Man One: inviso illa mandemulus!
Man Two: yeah mate, safe, innit.
By Sibylla
simply put, an alternative way of saying friend

'yes yes mandem, is it true that your dad has one leg?'
By Mandy

By Angeline
Like bruv, mate, friend (informal)

'you ain't mandem'
By Wilona
Mandem like a plural of man.
a group of boys.

By Olia
A hoard of pikeys who go around doing chavvy behaviour. Typically proletariat these underlings try to terrorise the streets of cities with ASBOesque behaviour. Often being very 'try hard'.

Charles: "James look at those hooded youths"
James: "Youths? They appear to be are age?"
Charles "You know what I mean, pikeys, rif raf, underlings, proletariat."
James: "Yes, they seem to have formed some kind of mandem"
By Poppy
A term mainly employed little urban shits to describe groups of other dickheads. Very cringeworthy to hear this if you arent interested in their way of speaking.

'yo bruv you seen dat man... literally... brap'
'yeh e wiv dat dem mandem innit... '
By Gena
Referring to a place or situation dominated by men or males

I went to the club on ladies night to hook up and it was a mandemic inside. Three females 59 dudes
By Gracia