Define Marlene Meaning


marlene is a heather.
By Krystalle
Marlene is a very strong , brave, and beautiful girl. She has the most prettiest eyes. She has the biggest heart but will always keep her feelings inside . she keeps her circle small . Only has 2 best friends. Did I mention she’s also a great and amazing best friend and girlfriend

wow I just fricken love Marlene
By Roch
A hot bad ass who is funny and daring. Marlen's are super hot and dangerous. Dating a Marlen would give you a thrill like you can never imagine. They are the ideal girlfriend/ best friend. If you want to have adventures and laugh so hard you can barley breath, they hang with a Marlen.

By Ceil
A beautiful girl who loves to be around people she loves; easy to fall in love with and the nicest girl ever has a beautiful sexy body has brown eyes dark brown hair. Known for being thick and being a bad ass; she is funny, talented, laughs too much, lovable, crazy, and amazing does some bad choices but still an amazing person

Guy:Dude did you see that girl
Guy 2: Oh Marlene I heard she got high
Guy: Yes but damn she hella fine
By Jeanne
a strong, beautiful young lady, who loves to love others but yet is afraid to. Has many "friends" but only a handful whom she treasures. LOVES reading and writing. Total dork. Funny. Loves to laugh. Is gorgeous inside AND out. Prideful. Can be the nicest person ever but can be a bitch at times. laughs for no reason. Does funny stuff. Is a rebel, a daredevil, AND a nerd. Makes you work and take tests in order to become her BEE EFF EFF. but she's worth ALL the trouble.

Fuckin Marlene, you're just so AWESOME!
By Brit
Marlen is a nice/mean bitch that's always down for anything! She's a badass that gives no fucks and will smoke her lungs out if she wants to. Nobody can tell her what to do. A Marlen is down to fight anyone.

Person 1: Damn who's that beating the other girl up?
Person 2: That's Marlen
Person 3: She smoked a blunt before fighting too!
Person 1: Marlen's a badass then...
By Lorette
Someone really freakin cute but there is no specific word great enough to describe her except for Marlene

Your dog that ur getting on Sunday is soooo Marlene
By Angil

Did you see Marlene

YUh she's a Thiccc queen
By Rozella
A very girl is usually very hot, but doesn't have many friends. Is a great girlfriend, who is very loyal, even if her boyfriend is unloyal. Is a great friend, but might scare people away with her antisocialness. If you meet a Marlene, she's a keeper.

Guy 1: "Did you see Marlene today?"
Guy 2: "I wish I was dating her!"
Girl: "I wish I was her!"
By Moina
German in origin
Pronounced mar-LEEN

Meaning : One brought forth by the angels. Beauty bestowed upon her by God.
A beauty others wish for.

"That chick is so hot, I wish she was my Marlen"
By Lettie