Define Match Meaning

When 2 smokers combine there weed to smoke double of what they were original suppoded to.

Hey man you want to match? Yea bro I have a dub .
By Dion
pooling of resources, especially drugs in equal quantities.

yo, match on this blizzy, i wanna phattie but only got an 8th
By Elisabeth
A device used to light cigarettes, candles, or other sorts of burnables. Generally made of paper or wood with a chemical tip. Matches are struck against surfaces to create friction to easily create fire.

By Casey
a pretty girl with an imagination.
she daydreams, A LOT, then gets a little upset when reality doesnt meet her expectations. she's beautiful, tall, shortish brown/red hair and the most amazing green eyes i've ever seen. she is also incredibly smart, excelling in all of her classes.

she has her flaws. she can be rude, and overly sarcastic, but she is a loyal friend who is always willing to help out.

Dude 1: "There goes Match, listening to her obscure bands. She is so bitchy."

Dude 2: "Are you kidding me? Shes nice to me. Smart, too."
By Shara
a line of coke. A bit of barley.

Have you got a match? yes I have.
By Arlene

By Gail
Matches By Matches

guy #1: yeah the other day i was burning leaves in the public park and this hot chick came down to join me in the festivities! soooo sweet!
guy #2: matches by matches i suppose.
By Lavinie
Match It
When two or more people are smoking marijuana, and they each require a blunt (marijuana cigarette) of their own. They pass their blunts to eachother and smoke.

Yo nugga match it bitch. It's fuckin 1am what the Fuck? Let's fuckin smoke already!
By Marys
A term referred to putting in an equal amount of weed to the rest of the people in your smoking group. In other words, if Pip throws in a nug of kine bud, Dudeman has to match the same amount of weed that was put in.

Hey Pip, wanna match up with me after school bro?
By Fenelia
The Matches
Awsome punk band from oakland with matt on drums, justin on bass, jon on guitar and the incredibly hot shawn harris on vocals and guitar. Re-released their first album on Epitaph records back in 2004 and have been touring for what seems forever haha... CHECK EM OUT

Person1: Are you goin to the Chain Me Away Tour?

Person2: The Matches and Plain White T's... OF COURSE! Its gunna be awsome
By Birdie