Define Matt Meaning

an amazing boy with gorgeous brown eyes. he's always ridiculously nice and gives fantastic hugs.

matt always makes me feel all fluttery when i look into his eyes.
By Margeaux
matt (lacklustre) in a positive meaning in respect of the "used look".
opposite of shiny/glossy.
substitutes e.g. words like "awesome", "great", "sweet".

"Look at that brandnew shiny car over there. Definitely not matt!"
"Your leather jacket is getting pretty matt slowly."
"Are you going to the show? - Of course, it's gonna be matt!"
By Ardys
a cute, adorable, sweet, random, funny, werid, and slightly insane boy. can make you smile no matter what is going on or how mad you are at him. and will make you cry at the littlest things. he shows equal affection to every girl he knows, and because of that will probably end up breaking your heart. he's a lover not a fighter. but doesnt know how powerful his words can be. he always thinks he's done something wrong or screwed up in some way. he will always keep you wondering what is going on inside his head. and always keep you wondering on whether or not what he's saying is true. you will love and hate him all at the same time. but you will never want to leave him.

matt's so cute, but he'll go godzilla on you!
By Marji
people with this name are mostly good at sex

people with the name matt are sex gods
By Kial
cute, sweet, nice, adorable. funny as hell.
trys to show off, but it still works.
friends with just about everyone.
everyone loves him.
hard to read.
says one thing but then says it;s a lie.
you'll like him and never get over it.
drives you crazy. but you dont care.
can be very confusing to you but is still amazing.

matt is an amazing perssoonnn :D
By Grace
Matt's are cool people who you would love to hang out with. he'll take your breath away once you see him. hes the sweetest guy ever. he'll make you feel like your a princess. most have amazing eyes. really tall.

Girl 1 - Did you see Matt today?
Girl 2 - Yeah didnt he look sooo hot!
By Jeannette
A guy who has made mistakes in his past, but is changing. He truly wants to be a better person, and is currently in that process. He may not be the partying type, but he is trying to please others by changing in that aspect too. Matt's are usually great boyfriends who would do anything for their other half. This guy just wants one more shot to make it right.

Matt is at this party? I didn't think he was a partier?
By Latia
An attractive, smooth-talking, charming young man. When you’re with him, he makes you feel like a princess; when you’re not, you know he is making another girl feel the same and not even thinking of you.

Becky- 'i dont understand, we had so much fun last week! why hasnt he called?!?'
Jessica- 'i told you that guy was a matt. you should have listened to me!'
By Gerda
has a big cock and is great in bed he never stops and is a party animal

matt rocked my world last night and the night before that he is simply a beast
By Maddie
Commonly used as a male name, and can also be short for "Matthew".

Example #1: My name is Matthew, but call me Matt!

Example #2: I named your baby boy Matt.
By Suzann