Define Maybe Meaning

You can use this word for anything, it can mean yes or no or just an answer because you cannot be bothered making up anytbing more elaborate. It can piss people off, it can amke them happy all in all it seems to be a pretty great word.

Q: Are you horny?
A: Maybe (Yes)
Q: Can I get that nice new 500 dollar bike for my birthday?
A: Maybe (No)
Q: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
A: Maybe (Nonsense)
By Sherilyn
Girl: Maybe = No.
Guy: Maybe = Maybe.

Guy: Would you want to have sex with me?
Girl: Maybe (NO)
Guy: hmm..
Girl: You wanna see a play at the theater?
Guy: Maybe (thinking there might be a chance for sex, but unsure if seeing a play is worth it)
By Elladine
1.It a word in which women use to make nosound nicer. always no
3. is a word that always keeps you guessing yes or no bu the answer is no so don't even think its yes

Me: Hey!, girl from class that I have been making laugh all semester and probably never see you again, how would you like to go out for lunch/ dinner some ?

Girl: Well... I'll have to see...maybe.

Me: Well here's my number and when you are done being full of your self give me a call.
By Robena
a word used to screw people over/ruin their lives

I love you ... maybe.
You can go with them ... maybe.
He/She'll come home ... maybe.
By Katherina

Girl: did you cheat on me?
guy: maybe...
By Rebe
The pondering of the choice of declination of acceptance.

Say maybe to sex.
By Roz
Maybe is merely the space between yes and no. Although it may seem like a harmful word it can severely punish its enemies in such cruel ways. Maybe can cause severe confusion in trivial matters in which a decision is needed to be made quickly.

Doctor: "Shall we use the cardiac defibrillator?"
Other Doctor: "Maybe."
Doctor: (eager with confusion of what to do, shocks his co-doctor.)
By Minnaminnie
There is different tones this word:
one is inosent tone meaning yes
one is sacastic tone meaning no
one is "im to high to understand u" meaning maybe

-Did you run over your grandmother, boy?

By Anissa
a word that demonstrates fear or cowardice on the part of the user.

Da Jesus: "you want to bowl tomorrow evening?"

Chase: "Maybe."

By Verine
A word designed to send people who are using Facebook to organize an event to a special kind of Hell.

Sure, I’ll book the restaurant. For 18 people or maybe 50. I don’t mind.
By Nedi