Define Me Like Meaning

Me Like
me like is basically a form of identification. you're out drinking beer? you're you like (me like). you're dealing drugs? you don't need to say you're a plug, just say you're you like (me like). don't know how to identify or describe yourself? it really don't matter, because you're you like (me like)

Person 1: Wow, you're a really bad person
Person 2: Naah, I'm just me like
By Joline
Do Me Like That

By Gusella
Me Like Ravioli
me like ravioli is when someone sharts while eating pasta

person 1: "me like ravioli"
person 2: "what"
person 1: " i sharted"
person 2: "o ok"
By Cheryl
Blow Me Like A Trumpet
A nifty phrase you can drop in the workplace that is sure to offend the ultra tight-ass crowd who have difficulty with crude references to body parts or sex.

Why of course it was entirely impulsive, inappropriate and sadly unprofessional for me to state, “well they can blow me like a trumpet!” - I should have better assessed my audience!
By Nannie
Don't Do Me Like That
To complain to someone that is doing something of a negative nature toward you.

You can also replace 'me' with other things. Such as him, her, it, them etc.

Ex: Bobby; "Man, Mr. Smith, how did I miss this problem, but Lonnie got the same answer right?"

Lonnie; "Don't do me like that"
By Genia
Booty Had Me Like
when that booty has you like: DAMN!

*hott chick walks by*
guy 1: damn booty had me like…
By Othilie
Nina With Me Like A Guard

Friend: what’s that bulge in your shirt??

Doug: bro I keep that Nina with me like a guard!
By Quinn
Nina With Me Like A Guard
To have in ones possession a 9mm pistol at all times.

Friend 1: Bro this place is kinda dangerous, what if we get robbed?
Friend 2: Don't sweat it bro, every city is dangerous when I'm in it, I keep that Nina with me like a Guard!
By Rivkah
Ride Me Like A Rodeo
(I actually found this term in a Craigslist ad)

a) the phrase a gay man will use in a Craigslist ad when he specifically wants anal sex from another gay man

b) what a straight submissive man might say to his yang when he wants her to just sit on his phallic organ and ride herself to orgasm

yo baby, ride me like a rodeo definition b)
By Marlene
Wearing Me Like A Necklace
when lesbians perform the act of cunnilingus

Damn, she was wearing me like a necklace last night
By Sadie