Define Me Me Meaning

Me Me Me Me Me
Someone who's very selfish! They can't take anyone else's feelings in to acount as they are not aware other people have feelings!

Girl 1: Not everythings bout you, ya know
Girl 2: Of course it is, otherwise whats the point taking bout it.
Girl 1: Your so me me me me me!
Girl 2: Point?
By Carree
Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!
1)Extremely egoist yell
2)The cry of a human-ape hybrid
3)Someone who doesn't care about you

Wizard: Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!
Princess: Me too!
Human: Wtf?
By Margy
A Japanese electronic music video that is messed-up, has lots of bouncing boobs, ass, and tits. What happens when you do drugs in Japan.

Me!Me!Me! is hard to understand due to its visual metaphors.
By Arleyne
A Me-me-i-me-me is a person who types their own name into in order to create a flattering definition of themselves.

Dale: Did you read the definition of Jen in
Mike: What a Me-me-i-me-me.
Dale: I know. Most Jens I've met were just easy to bang.
By Emmalynn
Me Mes
People who only care about themselves when driving and don't care if they cause an accident.


By Anthia
Me Me
When a person over 50 years old trying to say meme but it comes out as me me.

Dad:hey son have you seen this me me of that cat that's always angry

Son: I'm going to kill myself
By Benedetta
To be extremely selfish, self-centered and inflexible.

Can you believe her? All she talks about is herself and her possessions. She won't do anything unless it's her way and if everything's about her. It's no wonder she's not capable of a relationship. She's such a Me-Me!
By Eleanor
I'm A Sauceror! Me, Me, Me!!
"I'm a Sauceror! Me,me,me!!!" is the call of a n00b, no doubt. No official Sauceror would ruin their mystical attitudes with this horrid call of noobness. If you here this call, ignore it. It is most likely some stupid Basillusionist or Bay Leaf Brujo.

You walk into the Haunted Pantry. Suddenly, you are approached by a stupid looking boy with a pan on his head. "Hey," he say," I'm a Sauceror! Me,me,me!!" You pull out your tenderizing hammer and beat him unconsious.
By Lishe
Someone who believes in their own lies, and lives a double life, to reassure their own lie.

I have no idea, who you are anymore. Your always ME-ME!
By Theodosia
Me. Me Yes.
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caveman 1: "rock"
caveman 2: "me. me yes."
By Ninetta