Define Mee6 Meaning


Shit, I meant "!seinfeld", not "+seinfeld"! Dammit, Mee6!
By Guinna
mee3 is an Dsicord bot that allow you to put reaction roles to your server, manage the server moderation, have a nice server level system, it's also a free ping bot that will ping you in a middle of a conversation

xxbruhxx: hey do you wanna hear a story
no u: sure go ahead
xxbruhxx: so like i went to the store and saw the girl I like
mee6: congrats @xxbruhxx you level is now 6
xxbruhxx: stfu

-mary-: so like yesterday was the worst day I'd have this week
-mary-: I went to the store, and when I came back my dog Sassy wasn't there and when I asked my mom she told me she fainted
mee6: congrats @-mary-! now you advanced to the level 6!
By Lisette
A stupid ass bot that blocks everything you say in a server and annoy the shit out of everyone there, but the admin never fixes the bot as he is lazy as fuck.

Member: Today was such a shitty day!
Mee6: User warned, Reason: Bad word usage
Member: Fuck you
By Charity
MEE6 is the most annoying bot in all of discord, usually interrupting the most serious conversations saying some shit like "Gg YoU aDvAnCeD tO lEvEl 69!" Causing people to commit die.

By Vonnie
No matter how wonderful you may think you are, chances are people don’t want to center all of their conversations with you around you. Ask your friend how they're doing for a change; this could be life-changing.

Billy: "Hey Sarah you thicc af."
Sarah: "Should we fucky fucky?"
Mee6: "Dont use bad words!"
By Phedra
A bitch bot in discord who can search up shit in the urban dicktionary

Mee6 is so damn fuckin ass she doesn’t have a fuck comand
By Joleen
the discord bot that gets annoying due to mentions from level ups

MEE6: i is annoying! i is ping ur mon for millionth time!
user named "ur mom": no
MEE6: @ur mom
ur mom: e
By Emmalynne
The meaning of death and utter pain.

Friend: I'm going to add the MEE6 bot to my Discord server!

Person: Don't. You're going to be destroyed once you add him.

Friend: Why? Isn't he one of the greatest bots... ever?

Person: Nope. He's a murderer, and he's a maniac.
By Lindsay
Mee is friendly bot who often named bremaster007

mee6 also is a big lurch because he is in the group of the cool
By Tabitha
Mee6 is a discord bot that has many functions and is friendly, we love MEE6

By Alaine