Define Merriam-webster Meaning

The easier definition and easier to understand.

By Sherilyn
To look something up in the dictionary.

You need to Merriam-Webster the word: groggy, bc it does not apply here. As noted, don't come for me. 💅
By Roda
Merriam Webster
The boring version of urban dictionary. A very normal dictionary that most student use and can be found in book stores.

Student 1: Hey, do you know what "abysmal" means?
Student 2: Let me find the definition in Merriam Webster.
By Yettie

I wanted to figure out the meaning of a word, but I don't understand the definitions on Urban Dictionary, so I used Merriam-Webster
By Angelle
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
A collection of American words not actually used by Americans.

I found Urban Dictionary more useful than Merriam-Webster dictionary while learnig modern American language.
By Kary