Define Middle Meaning

The awkward stage of dating someone when enough time has passed that you should be official, yet both parties have no idea what their title is.

Me:Are you guys together yet? Whats the deal?

You:I have no idea what we are, so I guess were middling. This sucks!
By Malissia
A BDSM term for age regreshion to 12 to 16 yrs old. They enjoy playing in same way a teen would. Middled girls enjoy music, make up, cloths flurting , wearing hair in teen stiles or piggy tails. Their dress can be knee socks tennys rocker T shirts or baby doll dresses and sk8er skirts. Their true age csn be anywhere over 21. They are usually extreamly sexual. They are submissive to their male partners calling him Daddy.

Im a big girl Daddy! Im no little, Im a middle.
By Lynde
Middled It
Hitting an object in the center with an anvil from a hight.

Mate, you have completely middled it
By Birdie
The Middle
The Middle is a funny show. The characters are Axl, Brick, Mike, Frankie, Sue, Brad, Cindy, Sean, and more.

John: I am watching The Middle tonight at 6:30
David: That sounds good
By Feodora
The Middle
1. A ABC sitcom that first aired in 2009 and ended in 2018 involving a family from the fictional town of Orson, Indiana.

2. A song made by country singer Maren Morris and 3 producers that is one of the worst songs of 2018. Its beat is made up of a ticking clock and some annoying EDM music come the chorus.

1. "'The Middle' is based on a actual town in Indiana."

2. "I think 'The Middle' just made me lose my mind just a little."
By Lilia
What something does after the end of the start and before the start of the end.

2009 started great, middled lousy, and ended on an up note.
By Mary
The Middle
referring to the individual in the middle of the eiffel tower sexual position

Can I please be the middle this time I love giving head while taking it in the ass.

What a slut I bet that girl is always the middle.
By Halimeda
In The Middle
The question you ask someone when you call them during working hours to make sure they are not busy or that they are not on the other line.

"Hey Bro, What's going on, you in the middle?"
By Sibylle
A tall kick ass chick who plays in position three. Hardest job on the court, and blocks like its nobodys business. Her hits are insanely hard and amazing. The one who looks the best in spandex because of her long legs. Passing isnt her forte, but she'll kick anyones ass in hitting. Middles are often feisty and crazy. They know how to have a good time on and off the court. Hot, tall, funny, and fantastic at volleyball. Who wouldnt love a middle?

"Oh my god....shes a fine middle."
By Genvieve
the nether region between a girls legs...otherwise known as her vagina

"hey baby, i really love eating your middles"
By Vinny