Define Millie Meaning


"she let me borrow her car for the night,"
"no way, dude, she's a total millie!"
By Ianthe
A millie is someone who is worth a million dollars.

By Lexine
a beautiful sexy girl. normally athletic with a great body, also a really good kisser. often used to replace the word awesome.

"this band is so millie!!!!!"
By Lucila
A female who can make a man "whipped".

Knows how to get what she wants from the oppsite sex. She is not dumb when it comes to men and knows how to hold her own. When being a millie correctly, a girl can have many men eatting out of the palm of her hand.
By Vanni
it means every thing is better then alright
the best of the best there is no equal

first person :- yo dude hows it going
second person :- its all millie man
yo that gurl is millie dude
By Leta
Millenial, but in the offensive form.
Easily triggered.
Thin skinned.

You got triggered by THAT?!? You're a millie! Left winger millies are easily offended by just about everything.
Often, but not always a democrat.
By Tootsie
a millie is an extremely "uneducated" individual.

oh my god i despair of you. you are officially a millie!
By Madalena
a dumb uneducated female version of a belfast hood. normal habitat is any street corner where they get fucked for a cigarette by said hood. mainly found nowdays in belfast and derry. they come in two species "prod and taig" prods have a rangers top trackie bottoms and cheap bling, taigs celtic tops but similar attire. when observed they are known to use excessive foul language drink wkd and give hand jobs to stinkin hood car thieves who will no doubt impregnate the dumb slags soon enough and the tax payers will end up footing the bill for another useless bunch of fucks. the kindest thing to do to a millie is sterilize it before it spreads its unwanted bastards into the genetic pool. see also death driver,hood, joy rider

By Ardyce

fuck off millie
By Gwenore
Common name refered to children of the Millie Family, indicates a certain snobness. Millie's presume theirselves to be greater then anyone else

Derived from the French name Millias over the last 200 years

By Agna