Define Most People Meaning

Most People
1) catch all rubric for an oppressively coarse, dull witted and easily entertained throng including neighbors, coworkers and everyone encountered on mass transit, busses especially. most people comprise the tsunami deathwave of culture killing, fast food eating drones who encourage "reality" tv while asking what jesus would do. most people are the cause of the decline of civilization.
2) the ghosts who author and answer opinion polls
3) unsuitable prospects for neighbors or inlaws
4) the reason we have polyester
5) the uninsured

customer: you don't carry wool socks?
clerk: no, most people don't like them.
By Junie
The Most Awesome People In The World
The Irish people who live on the planet called earth or people of Irish decent.

oh my gosh you're Irish! You are one of the most awesome people in the world!
By Lucila
I Hate Most People
Most people most of the time, are pinheaded bottom feeders want nothing to do with them

I hate most people. I am a Misanthrope through and through
By Giulia