Define Mostly Meaning

adverb: - to describe an act or situation as occuring in a humourous way/fashion; always used in pairs.

They mostly come at night, mostly.
You mostly suck balls, mostly.
By Wilhelmine
mostly (adj.) - Combination of the words "most" and "likely" which describes a situation that happens more often than not, or occurring greater than 50% of the time.

*Note - when followed by the word peaceful and used by the media this word means the polar opposite in an attempt to mask the inherently violent nature of a person or riot.

Did you hear about the mostly peaceful protest? ony 15 people killed, 115 injured, and 36 buildings burned to the ground.
By Nikolia
A word used to describe something that is typically true, but not always.

"He plays it from the outside, mostly."

"The police mostly just hassle us for a cut."

"The Reverend just eats hamburgers, mostly."
By Leshia
A word That is a mix of most and likely. So most likely.

It’s a word that is used when people want to speak or type . Mostly is like a blend of most and likely.
By Livy
Mostly Peaceful
You can have kids being shot, buildings being burned down, dozens of street brawls, armed militias with the intent of stealing money and looting from your local Walmart. which is burning to the ground, and have the entitled puddles of piss from any news program call the event "mostly peaceful".

" It's actually more similar to a festival of love here in the CHAZ zone, these mostly peaceful protests are doing a great job so far!"
By Mallorie
Mostly Peaceful
mostly peaceful (adj.) - A description use to muddle the purpose, truth, or intent of a person, group, or event Involving extreme violence, looting, destruction of property, or arson. This description is typically used in politically charged discussion, and its use diminishes the truth of the statement while not technically being a lie.

"They say Kim Jong-Un is a bad guy, but I don't believe it. If he eats for 4 hours a day, sleeps for 8, and enriches uranium for another 4, that only leaves 8 hours a day to "terminate with extreme prejudice" any threat, enemy, or family member."

"I get it that's less than 50% a day of murder, so it would be well above the threshold of "mostly peaceful."
By Dael
Mostly Harmless
The current (in some dimensions) passage in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which relates to the planet Earth. (The one you are on now, unless otherwise).

"They updated the entry..."
"What to?"
"Mostly Harmless."
By Mellicent
A type of leg-ware, similar to Capri pants, but worn by males. They are longer than shorts, but shorter than regular pants, usually falling about 3/4 the length of the leg.

I see Justin is once again wearing his mostly-pants.
By Carla
Kick It With Mostly
Hanging out with Mostly or another important member of an organization.

Thatguy: Hey guys whatsup?

2Sniperpdaman: Man forget this I'm gonna go to advisor private channel in ventrilo and "kick it with Mostly".
By Teddie
Mostly Dead
The state between dead and almost dead. Symptoms include not being able to move, or speak (other than to groan "true love") and not breathing very much. Can be cured by chocolate coated magic pills of unknown origin, administered by those handy dandy wizards and their wives who usually frequent the forests around fairy tale castles.

Well it just so happens that your friend here, is only mostly dead...
By Roanne