Define Movie Theater Meaning

Movie Theater
A building housing large screens dedicated to showing new movies starring everyone's favorite actors.

Often used as a daycare for underage kids whose parents fail at being parents and would rather leave their children in a place alone than actually spend time with them; only to get overly irate at the employees when their children go missing and the employees have no idea where their children are.

Let's drop our children off to watch Kung Fu Panda at the movie theater while we go out to the bar for a few drinks!
By Timmy
Movie Theater
A big complex that has many giant TV screens. Known for overpriced food and drinks, so many people resort to sneaking snacks in

I saw a movie at the movie theater last night. I spent about 50 bucks on snacks alone
By Tamarra
Movie Theater
A place to go when wanting to watch movies slightly before they come to stores, to watch on a bigger screen or to spend money on popcorn

Hey Bill! Wanna go to the Movie Theater?
By Constancia
Movie Theater
When your walking down an isle in a movie theater and a fat guy shoves a dildo up your ass while your trying to get by him.

-aww damnit! i just got movie theatered again!

-i dont want to go down this isle. im afraid that fat guy's going to movie theater me.
By Trudy
Movie Theater
a place where retards bring their babies to watch the movie yet they are too young to even remember it and all they do is scream and cry

By Harmonie
Movie Theatering
noun. going to first, second, third or fourth base wit someone in a movie theater without other people noticing

By Ethelda
Movie Theater Math
A Sheldon Cooper optimization activity: evaluating multiple seats in a theater by sitting in them and making strange hooting noises, to evaluate the acoustic dynamics of the theater and pick the absolute best seat in the house... It embarrasses everyone around him.

Time to see Star Wars! Maybe we should wait to enter until Sheldon finishes up his movie theater math assessment.
By Minne
Chevrolet Movie Theater
A car produced in limited runs from 1972-1975. Modeled after a Chevrolet G30 Beauville, built stock with a monocoque chassis and a 4.1L Inline 6 block, manual 4 speed transmission and RWD. Stock equipped with a turbo and plush interior made from suede and leathers from alligator and crocodile, as well as sheep and deer leathers. Standard package equipped with a dolby surround sound system, manual projector, and screen against the driver side pillar wall. Couch style seating for 8 across from the screen. MSRP starting ~$21,800

By Ally
Movie Theater Prices
Adj. Describing exorbitantly overpriced goods -- usually consumables.

Billy: "We should hit up that club Saturday night; I heard there is no cover!"
Joe: "Maybe not, but it's $10 for a pint."
Billy: "Damn! That shit's movie theater prices!"
By Marlane
Movie Theater Rule
When going into a movie theater to choose a seat, the first seats that people look for are in empty rows, trying for as long as possible to not have to sit in the same row as another person or group of people. This is repeated until there are people in every row and then you HAVE to sit in a row with other people.
This is the movie theater rule.
This rule is offen appiled subconciously with out even realising it.

I applied the movie theater rule as I chose my seat from the seats availiable.
By Electra