Define Msn Meaning

Instant messaging program. Can be used for good or evil.

MSN Messenger actual conversations. (I'm Doug, FYI)
Doug: Hey man
Travis: Yo
Travis: Whatcha doin'?
Doug: Just blastin' some Metallica. You?
Travis: Not much.. playing Guitar Hero, drinkin' coke, the usual.
Doug: Sweet.

xXxemochick4evaxXx: omg hai
Doug: Hi. (Really thinking: Oh snap.)
xXxemochick4evaxXx: wadya doin
Doug: Just chillin'.
xXxemochick4evaxXx: arent u wite?
Doug: ...Yeah?
xXxemochick4evaxXx: then u cant say chillin
Doug: OK whatever.

See what I mean?
By Tisha
Money Snatching Network. Due to the fact that this "Network" is powered by an "unreliable power source", namely "hamsters and chipmunks running on exercise wheels", this network has been known to experience severe downtimes. Especially during "peak usage", more than five people.

-Mr. Gates, when did you realize you were creating a monopoly?
-Monopoly's just a game, Senator, I'm trying to control the fucking world.
By Hedvige
Best (and most popular) chat program known to man.

Me: "MSN > AIM"
Everybody: "Hell yeah!"
By Phyllys
What many people say to define msn messanger so they don't have to say the whole mouthful. They are not purposely trying to get the tearm wrong but just savng time.

A wonderful program that offers many services such as e-mail and messanging for free. It brings friend and family together without the cost of a phone call. Makes it easyier to arrange going out with friends.

Has many haters, mainly people with no life, for example everybody who has posted about msn so far because it narrows their chance of talking to anybody just that bit more because all the people with lifes will be to busy talking to each other. Also there are the other hand of people who can't take a company with power and they are lonely so they decide to hate.

2 people on msn-
1 - should we go out tommorow?
2 - yes i think we should
1 - where do you want to go
and etc etc

people mad-mouthing it-
"msn is the worst because it's owner wants to rules the world so it must be rubish. It also let's all the people with lifes talk to each other more so i will never get to talk to them now."

i would like to say yes maybe he does want to take over the world, and i say good for him , he's ambitous.
maybe the people on here should try something more than bad-mouthing.
By Min
a program which used to be good for talking to people you are close to but now used as a massive chav tool by chavs who go online whth such screen names as "my gangsta kuzn" or "(insert name here)ere, luvin ?????? 4 lyf"

lets go on msn coz were bored and dont have a lyf
By Nessy
Well where to start..... Msn is a gigantic piece of shit used by 12 year olds to talk to girls older than them, but only to find out they've been talkin dirty to a man fatter than santa himself and harrier than beaver. Most kids spend their time talking in c007 language which takes 987 secs for an avg person to decipher and decrypt but only one sec for this dick head l33t speakers who wanna take the time CAPATLIZING and unCAPITLIZNG every fucking word so it looks like aPoLlOs chariot at busch gardens. Its also a great way to ask girls out online (seeing as how if one of these faggets have the balls to talk to one) but are only to be shot down and rejected because their balls haven't dropped far enough to hit their thighs.

MiniDick 569: Yo U WaNnA g0 0uT 50m3T1m3?
rose: Wtf did you just type?


tinytim69: Hey u wanna talk dirty?
notaguy: Yeah... I unzip my pants revealing my one inch boner covered in smooth peanutbutter
tinytim69: FRO RRLY?
By Consuelo
A chat site where ginnie pigs are glue to the pc for hours and hours on end.

By Pooh
i shitty internet service company which has shitty technical support when you call you get nothing not even a hand job.....

i hate msn technical support they were absolutely no fucking help....
By Nell
An OK ISP without the crap AOL gives you, but the technical support sucks, and isn't as good as Earthlink

I tried to get help from MSN's Tech Support but they just told me to restart the computer.
By Elsy
there must be a lot of noobs here.
MSN Stands for MicroSoft Network.

MSN doesn't connect
Microsoft Network doesn't connect
By Keely