Define My Ass Off Meaning

My Ass Off
to do a lot or do way too much

I have been working my ass off!
By Siana
My Ass Off
HAS NO MEANING, just a rhythmic expression.

Eminem's MY DAD'S GONE CRAZY: "I'm outta the closet, I've been lyin' my ass off".
By Katrine
Lmao My Ass Off
Shortened form of Laugh My Ass Off my ass off. For when you laugh so hard that your ass actually falls off, and have to emphasize it. Twice.

Person 1: yo that joke was funny af lmao my ass off
Person 2: You're an actual idiot.
By Beatrix
Laugh My Ass Off
Laugh my ass off Something so funny, it will make you laugh so hard your ass falls off.

That shit is so funny, I laugh my ass off!
By Elnore
Freezing My Ass Off
Think about a time your butt has truly been cold. Very rarely, it means you are so cold that even your butt is cold.

Iā€™m freezing my ass off can you please turn down the a/c!!!
By Conchita
Dancing My Ass Off
Dancing till your ass tears apart

Last night at the party, I was dancing my ass off. What an amazing night, pity i cant remember any of it!!!!
By Briny
Cracking My Ass Off
Cracking My Ass Off is a merger or Cracking My Self up and Laughing My Ass Off

Sometimes I am so damn funny I am Cracking My Ass Off!!
By Alyss
Laughing My Fucking Ass Off
Longer Version of LMFAO. Basically for twats who cant express proper emotion or use grammar, also a shitty band who produce utter crap typical of this time period

LMFAO's Party rock was such a great song, Laughing my fucking ass off
By Gigi
Laugh My Off Ass
LMOA for short. means that your laughing on your off branded ass or your laughing on your crooked ass

Me: You hungry?
Christy: LMOA NO

*LMOA = Laugh My Off Ass*
By Daphne