Define My Bad Meaning

My Bad
(n.) A combination of an apology and a dismissal. Basically, saying "oh yeah, I did that, but I don't care".

Persons of an older generation can find this quite annoying to hear when expecting an actual apology.

"Hey, you spilled my Coke all over me!"

"Oh. My bad."

By Katherina
My Bad
A grammatically incorrect way of acknowledging (facetiously) a wrongdoing.
Used very commonly by gangsta-wannabes and other sorts of conforming posers, the terrible grammar tends to drive literate people up the wall in absolute irritation.

"Jared! Did you drop the baby?"
"Oh. Ha. My bad!"
"WHAT THE F?!?!"
By Perri
My Bad
A hipster way of admitting a mistake that sounds like a two year old who pooped his pants.

Hip person: oops, my bad.

Two year old who pooped his pants: Oops, my bad.
By Jolynn
My Bad
My Bad was originally My Bag. It means my fault. Yes, it also means β€œI'm not into to that kind of thing.” as in β€œThat's not my bag man.” The movie Clueless got it wrong, thrusting it into the mainstream as "My bad". The phrase "My bag" was used commonly as far back as the 1940s. My father, his family and friends all used it back then in Minnesota. We used "my bag" in Kansas in the 70's and 80's. I am 44 and my wife is 33. She claims it was never my bag but she is wrong. The origin of this phrase actually comes from the card game "Spades". The game consists of 2 teams of 2 and each player has to predict how many hands he can take. After the round the player that predicted wrong often say to his partner my bag meaning my fault or my mistake. Young people heard their parents using "My bag" at the card table and took it to the basketball court. Spades is thought to have originated in the Midwestern United States (perhaps Cincinnati, Ohio) in the late 1930s. It was said to have been invented by college students who enjoyed both Whist and Bridge. They were looking for a fast-paced game that was competitive and strategic. The game slowly spread to other college campuses in the mid-west. The game really took off during WWII. After the war it spread to factory break-rooms and company office lunchrooms all across the country. Today there are clubs and tournaments and it's popular on the internet.

Didn't you get an invitation? Oh, my bad.
By Filia
My Bad
Another way to apologize or say I'm sorry.

"I got charged"
"Oh shit, my bad"
is the same as
"I got charged"
"Oh shit, I'm sorry"
By Rebeka
My Bad
A phrase said to admit guilt in a situation, substitute for sorry.

"Oh, that was your mom, not your grandma? My bad!"
By Flossy
My Bad
a phrase to be used when you have made a mistake and suddenly realise your error.

"Have you used my toothbrush?"
"No bitch, why?"
"Coz its got limescale on it, innit?"
"NO! I ain't used your skanky tootbrush."
"oh my bad."
By Anny
My Bad
Any application of the phrase "my bad" can be replaced with the word "oops"

You just hit me in the face with that!My badYou just hit me in the face with that!Oops!
By Ashely
My Bad
A term used to say that you made a mistake and you acknowledge it.

Player A to Player B on a basketball court after Player A throws a pass away.

"My bad dawg, my bad."

This is done while pounding a clenched fist to your chest.
By Kristel
My Bad
Spoken when you realize you just did a major fuck-up, such as passing gas while having sex.

I hope farts turn you on, as I just blew one in your face.
By Nicoli