Define My Boyfriend Meaning

My Boyfriend
two words that a girl says when she isn't interested in you

Boy: Hey how was your weekend?
Girl: It was great, I went out with my boyfriend.
Boy: Oh okay. (looks awkward)
By Rita
My Boyfriend

My boyfriend: Hi

Me: Hi! Oh wait
By Robbin
My Boyfriend
The best guy I've met. He's nice, funny, and charming.

"Wow her boyfriend is awesome!"
"I know, she must be in love.
"I wish he'd hold hands with me!"
"Go away. He's my boyfriend"
By Loralie
My Boyfriend
The cutest boy in the whole world and wow he deserves everything and I love him n I wish he was here so I could cuddle him n you're so adorable every time I look at you I fall in love again

By Rozelle
My Boyfriend
The absolute best person in my life right now. I'm gay AF.

I got pretty hot and heavy with my boyfriend last nigh hehe.
By Krissy
My Boyfriend

My boyfriend is nobody since I’m a straight male
By Austina
Not Really My Boyfriend
I like the guy but we are more friends with benefits , a sec partner, without being together,a hang out buddy, without the responsibility ,or love but not hate,wanting to be with, or have but cant

Your not really my boyfriend but I wanna be with you always Joe but your not responsible and mature enough for me , but lets just have sex instead and hangout
By Shell
This Is For My Boyfriend <3
hey baby, so i know you're reading this right now and i just want to talk about how much you mean to me and how i never want to lose [you

this is for my boyfriend
By Constantine
My Boyfriend Pulled A Joel
A phrase used when a guy 'rainchecks' his girlfriend for the tenth time.

friend 1: "My boyfriend pulled a Joel on me today!"

friend 2: "Aww, I'm sorry to hear that."
By Rosemary
My Boyfriends Psycho Ex
A crazy bitch who hates you because her man picked you over her. She continually gets involved with your relationship and is just generally crazy.

By Janot