Define My Dad Meaning

My Dad
he went to get milk but never came back

you are my dad your my dad boogie woogie woogie
By Nydia
My Dad

my dad got fucking thanos snapped when i was 8
By Beatrisa
My Dad
a term coined by rapper Wiz Khalifa that is use to refer to a friend. interchangeable with my homie or my nigga.

that sharpie sized doob you rolled is g, my dad.
By Heidie
My Dad
he left to go get the FUCKING MILK

my dad left me
By Cally
My Dad
my dad is a unexciting character in my life and un existing

hey my dad is unexciting
By Starr
My Dad

My dad is gone
By Dawn
My Dad

“My dad left me for a hooker that he found on the street of Indianapolis”
By April
My Dad

where's your dad?
idk, my dad, hes like the rain in chile, only there once in a 1000 years
By Frannie
My Dad

This "Dad" character sent my mom 15 bucks for my bithday last week.
By Wilow
My Dad
A pain in the ass that doesn't give 2 fucks about me

My dadshould rot where ever he is right now
By Benny