Define My Life Meaning

My Life

By Janetta
My Life
Something that has no meaning and is full of failure and depression.

By Bell
My Life
A day in hell were i work my butt off all day only to get an hour to do what i wanna do. (a.k.a misery)

my life is BS
By Mella
My Life
My life. a better/cleaner version of our favorite fuck my life or fml...

Lorenzo just told me, he hates me... my life!
By Leandra
My Life

By Tommi
My Life

By Jacquelynn
My Life
my life is depressing. my life is a joke, wtf am i even doing here

my life really sucks.

no one likes you
-my anxeity
By Cally
My Life
sadness lots and lots of sadness

my life= lots and lots of sadness
person 1: hey hows life
person 2: sadness lots and lots of sadness
person 1: cool!
By Adella
My Life

why is my life is so trash
By Malory
My Life My Life
This is what you say after something bad happens to you.

1. Tripping and falling on the ground - you say "my life my life"
2. Your girlfriend breaks up with you
3. You get hit by a bus
4. You accidently cut yourself
5. You cant think of any more examples for something
By Kerrin