Define My Mom Meaning

My Mom
The Reverse of saying "Your Mom" as a joke. it can be used in the same way. People use it if you don't want to hurt someone feeling about there mom. A good way to laugh at your self. Most of the time when used it doesn't make sense but is still funny. This is best see in used in the Cartoon network TV Show "Regular Show" by Muscle Man.

Person 1- Hey I'm gonna do my homework now
Person 2- You know who else is gonna do there homework now? My mom!
By Devora
My Mom
a phrase commonly used by a character in the show " Regular Show ", that character is named " Muscle Man " a friend of the main characters " Mordecai " and " Rigby "

guess who doesn't take a shower "my mom"
By Gloriane
My Mom
A racist and homophobic person that abused her children

I hate my mom
By Rivy
My Mom

dude.. my mom totally kicked my ass last night when i called her a whore
By Bibby
My Mom
The most dumb, gay, annoying answer ever when you ask someone where did they come from, when you mean the town, state, or city they came from.


When "Rachel" introduces "Lauren" (a friend from another town who came to visit her school for a day) to all her friends,
her friend "Gabby" asks her a question.

Gabby: Hey, where did you come from?
Rachel: My mom.
By Natty
My Mom!
A phrase used by a fat dude in regular show called muscle man! Regular show is pretty awesome!

Muscle man: "You know who else likes soda"?
Muscle man: "MY MOM!!!"
By Laurie
My Mom
A sweet kind loving person that supports me with all I need!

My mom is so nice!
By Anet
My Mom
A verbal abusive "mother" who screams and raises their voice-over stupid shit and arguments they started.


My mom is a fucking filthy cunt who smells like fish and doesn't shower. I hope shit stays quiet and stops gaslighting me.
By Raquel
That’s My Mom
A phrase you say when somebody calls your mother hot and/or says they want to screw her.

Boy 1: Wow look at her, she is so hot, I would totally smash

Boy 2: Bro, that’s my mom

Boy 1: I would still smash tho
By Stefania
My Mom
How the hell does the crap above this get into urbandictionary....cmon people..we need editors that actually read it..not just click and go "next".......this is ridicoulous...i submitted something that was actually real...its used around here but then this stuff gets put in

man that stuff is mega crapzorz..i'dnt mom writes better stuff than that
By Fredi