Define My Neighbor Meaning

My Neighbor
what white people say to their friends instead of saying my nigga

Josh- Aye my nigga
Tyrone- Wut u say
Josh- I mean my neighbor
By Consuelo
My Neighbor’s House Is On Fire

By Cecilia
My Neighbor Totoro
A lame Japanese Anime children's show. Not well known in the United States.

Have you ever seen "My Neighbor Totoro"?

No, are you retarded? Why would I have seen your neighbor.
By Doralynne
My Green Neighbor
This is a website which aspires to help increase shared community awareness of natural and sustainable living practices, products and services. The aim is to use this forum to promote informed decision-making in best practices for a green life for ourselves and all who desire to live green. Developed by S and G Lorch June 2010

I am so impressed by the information on My Green Neighbor. I will certainly have a more eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle as a result.
By Stephanie
My Rich Neighbor Drives A Che, Che, Chev
When white trailer trash cant pronounce chevrolet because they are used to one syllable brands like dodge and ford. chevrolet is too classy for them.

did you see my neighbors new car?
no tom what did he get?
my rich neighbor drives a che, che, chev..
oh ok, i think i know what you're talking about.
By Sari
My Neighbor Totoro
The best ghibli movie ever. Prove me wrong

"Hey do you wanna watch My Neighbor Totoro?"

"What kinda question is that? Of course!"
By Cherilyn