Define My Sister Meaning

My Sister
A person that I have to share a bathroom with. She’s also a girl?

Joe: Ugh man my sister is so hot.
Dan: •_•
By Ulrica
MY Sister
A obnoxious piece of shit who loves screaming her head off and stealing your mans

By Cherey
My Sister Sucks
your sister is not cool, is rude, and makes you want to kill yourself

my sister sucks. i want to leave
By Victoria
Kissing My Sister
An expression indicating that something is unsatisfactory, though not entirely terrible.

Wil: Winning back the $50 that it cost to enter the poker tournament after playing for 12 hours is like kissing my sister!
Ty: You've kissed your sister?!?!
Wil: Don't tell anyone...
By Lissie
Meet My Sister
The act of a man pushing his penis and scrotum between his legs displaying only the pubic hair.

(Standing on a table in the pub with trousers down) Hey everyone, I'd like you to meet my sister.
By Jeri
My Sister Is A Visco
Run and fucking hide she is a bitch

By Ted
He's My Sister
He's my sister

You see that person? *points to a mickey mouse cheese stick* He's my sister.
By Andi
Not My Sister
a gorgeous woman who you have so much in common and love so much that she could be your sister

sarita is sooo crazy sexy cool im glad shes not my sister so we can have relations
By Billye
My Sister Chloe
She’s a melt and a dickhead but a little pretty she sleeps all day and games all night she has no manners but sometimes if she’s in a good mood she’s polite and is nice to people if not she’s a bitch

By Kalinda
Visiting My Sister In Scottsdale
When you travel to Jamaica secretly with your secret lover and using the excuse of visiting your sister in Scottsdale as an excuse for your new tan.

Kevin: Jan you look tanned

Jan: Thank you, I was.... Visiting my sister in Scottsdale
By Tildi