Define My Wife Meaning

My Wife

person1: hey me and my wife fucked last night
person2: you don't have a wife
person1: I know...
By Elspeth
My Wife

my wife is sarah paulson
By Robenia
My Wife
A cheating fucking whore who took the kids please Karen bring them back I swear I can pay for them please

My wife took the fucking kids, I'm seriously considering suicide, nigga!
By Lavina
My Wife
a bitch that takes your money, your kids, your car, your house and your dignity!

guy 1: my wife took everything
guy 2: well at least you have your dignity
guy 1: no, she took that to
By Stella
My Wife
she left

person 1: Dude, where are you're kids?
person 2: She took them and left.
person 1: Who?
person 2: My wife
By Mollee
My Wife!
a term often expressed when one is surprised or just being obnoxious.

Coined by talk show host Petros Papadakis

Marty: Dude, that guy is on crack or something...

John: Yeah..he's being really obnoxious

Frank: MY WIFE!
By Austina
My Wife's Son
The term is used by a married mangina cuck who is raising a boy, that isn't his. Sometimes used by 4chan crowd to make fun of cucks (it was featured in "He Will Not Divide Us" Season 1)

A: "I see you got married. But who's the kid?"
B: "He's my wife's son"
A: "Oh, so a bastard child, huh?"
B: "I wish you didn't call him that."
A: "I guess it's better to be raised by a cuck than a single mom..."
By Dorelle
My Wife's Boyfriend
A really nice dude who buys me McDonald's every now and then.

My wife's boyfriend is cool!
By Lucie
Urkel My Wife
The expression "well blow me down" for people under the age of 60

The Jaguars won the Super Bowl!!!
Well Urkel my wife!!!
By Verene
Fuck My Wife
A phrase said in a similar manner and context to "Fuck My Life" except used when ones wife/girlfriend is the source of grief

Bill: Hey Mike I got some tickets to the Rangers game tonight, you in?
Mike: Oh hell yeah buddy, just let me run it by my old lady
Wife: Michael you promised me that you would watch the third Harry Potter movie with me tonight, you know how scared I get
Mike: ugh Fuck My Wife, sorry Bill I can't come
By Gleda