Define My World Meaning

My World

my life.....
By Gerta
My World

Kion is my world
My world-you
By Jannelle
My World

By Renate
Rocks My World
When someone/something makes life so much better...

Nath rocks my world! He is completely amazing
By Martina
My World!
A phrase yelled by a person who has just had their entire world destroyed, figuratively of course. Commonly, My World! is yelled when another person directly causes this indiscretion.

Cory: Ok Matt, just one more cup and we go undeafeated at beer pong tonight.

*Tommy sneeks in a bounce to win the game*

Matt: MY WORLD!!!
By Eimile
Your My World
someone who is everything to you, someone who means a lot to you and you love no matter what. someone you hope to never loose cause you would be nothing without them.

sophia, you are everything to me and i would be nothing without you, your my world.
By Coral
Rocks My World
1) To have a profound and positive effect on someone.
2) Something or someone you really like.

That band rocks my world!

That girl rocks my world!

This dessert rocks my world!
By Tessie
To bring excessive pleasure, especially in a sexual manner.

William Karlsson really Rocks My World. I think they should change his nickname to William "The Wet Spot" Karlsson
By Dodi
Wreck My World
Someone or something that makes your life worse.

Teachers wreck my world, dude. They give ridiculous amounts of homework and then call my parents when I don't complete it.
By Allison
Rocks My World
an expression of approval or an external compliment of something/someone. Used predominantly by females or homosexuals to express fondness. This phrase should never be said by a girl who is trying to impress a straight guy.

Justin Timberlake totally rocks my world, he is so hot. - My (ex)girlfriend.
By Elie