Define Nearly Meaning

Close to or close by

That car nearly hit me
By Jeannine
Nearly Witches
a song included on Fall Out Boy's mixtape, CitizensFOB Mixtape: Welcome To The New Administration. the artist listed is The Paul Revere Jumpsuit Apparatus, but this is suspected to be a codename for band Panic At The Disco as the vocals are unmistakably lead singer Brendon Urie's. the mixtape was available to download for free off Fall Out Boy's Friends or Enemies website.

person 1:"have you heard Fall Out Boy's mixtape?"

person 2:"yeah, I loved Nearly Witches."
By Batsheva
Nearly Dead
Turning 32, single, all your friends are married and reproducing, you've traveled, want to see more but are bound by societies idealism of buying a house settling down and forgetting about the world.

Plus you live in the state of Western Australia, where everyone drives slow, is scared of change and don't venture outside after dark in fear of their walking frames being stolen.

Happy Birthday mate "yeah thanks", hold on how old are you? I'm 32.

Shit dude you're single and living in Perth, you're nearly dead.
By Lani
It Cleans Me Nearly
When something is very funny and you have to laught very hard.
similar to Laughing out loud, but you dont use any abbreviation.
Originally it comes from swissgerman.

*bamf tells a joke*

girl: Hahaha, it cleans me nearly...
By Dallas
Nearly Mentally Ill
Pretending or saying to have a mental illness or mental health problems just for SOME aspects of it that are considered "cool" or "emo", but being disgusted by non-glamourous aspects of that mental illness.

Saying you have depression because you're sad lately, but being disgusted by someone who can't get up to take a shower.
Saying you have anxiety because you're feeling stressed lately, but laughing at someone having a panick attack.

If you're mentally ill and don't brag about it you're likely to not be nearly mentally ill.

"Because of my black sweater and my earphones on, people will assume I have depression and I'll be cool !" : this is a nearly mentally ill behaviour
"I wash my hands before AND after going to the bathroom. I'm so OCD !"
By Gerianna
Nearly Not A Virgin
When you ain't a virgin but you ain't a lad either. Your at a tragic point in your life where you have many times nearly lost your V-card but due to your awkwardness and lack of chat you failed to get some.

Person 1: Hey ain't see you in a while, you still a virgin?
Person 2: It's complicated
Person 1: What do you mean ??
Person 2: I'm nearly not a virgin
By Gena
Nearly Pissed On The Third
Derives from the episode of Mythbusters:

A saying that describes how close something was to happening. Usually uttered when in relief that something tragic did not occur.

The saying has it's origins in the Mythbusters episode where they rigged a dummy up to urinate on the third rail, of a railway track, which would subsequently give a lethal amount of electricity.

Jon: Aw mate imagine if you went out with Cersei.

Davos: I almost did.
Jon: No fucking way.
Davos: Yea, but she didn't like older guys, Christ, can you imagine? I nearly pissed on the third.
By Klarika
Ayan Is Nearly The Best
Ayan is nearly the best but not as good as Kai

Person 1: Ayan is pretty cool but Kai is better!

Person 2: Same!!

Ayan is nearly the best but not as good as Kai
By Heather