Define Nibba Meaning

nibba nibba nibba im 100% nibba

STFU nibba
By Clemence
another word for nigga. but most often used by Caucasians because they don't have the n-word pass

"Yo Becky? What's good my nibba?"
"Yo my g, my pimp, my nibba"
By Elnora
Nibba is a transformed white version of nigga which is less used and not as bad. It can also be used as the word like homie.

Hadley: yo what up
Mitch: yeah then much my nibba
By Stefanie
A slang for all the roblox players that wanna say nigga

nibba sthu
By Hermione
(noun)- A real New York nigga. A slang term for real Bs out there.

Ayo B, I see you. You wearing dem real Timbs.
Aye, its Brick, so nibba I gotta font like it.
By Shaina
white version of saying nigga but with emoji's using b's

what's up nibba
By Addie
n. a synonym for the word, nigga, that white peeps can use without fear of being called out as a white trash racist pig; the ability for anyone who is not of African heritage to be able to join the fun in calling each other the "N" word, without feeling subconscious guilt or worry.

"Yo, heard you were at the show last nite homie, daps for the support."
"Word nibba. I wouldn't have missed it for the world."
By Blithe
A term that ghostly white people use to call their friends in a non-offensive and non-racist way.

By Avis
A nibba is what a white person would say to another white person but if another race says it to them its racist.
E.G. "hey jack hows my nibba doing today?"

E.G. "hey jack hows my nibba doing today?"

"Hey thats racist your asian!"
By Rena
nibba pratically is another word for nigga but instead it's nibba. Because if you call someone a nigga that's offensive to african american people and considered racist. So instead nibba is a great alternative so you don't get your ass beat:)

yo nibba you mad ugly...

you nibba your girl cheatin on ur uglyass...

hey wassup my nibba...
By Faun