Define Nothing Happened Meaning

Nothing Happened

Jenna went to stay at Brad's house last night, but nothing happened
By Thekla
When You Die Nothing Happens
What you say when an athiest sneezes.
Phrase coined by Dance Cook.

Athiest: AH AH AH,.... BACHOOOOOO!?!
Person: God bless you.
Athiest: Uhhh, I'm an athiest
Person: Excuse me, When you die nothing happens. Jerk
By Coraline
Nothing Interesting Happens
The company motto of Jagex Ltd and main design principle behind the content in their MMO game, Runescape.

Player: *use chicken*
Game: Nothing interesting happens.

Alice: Hey Bob, I heard you play Runescape. What's it like?
Bob: Well, nothing interesting happens.
By Josselyn
Nothing Bad Will Happen
Something said by an idiot before something bad happens.

Person 1: Why did we go off the forest path, what if we get attacked?
Person 2: Don't be scared. Nothing bad will happen, okay?
Person 1: Is that a bear coming over here?!
By Kandy
Nothing Bad Every Happens To The Kennedys

By Marley
Nothing Bad Ever Happened To The Kennedys
An overused joke used by redditors/bandkids to reference a MTV show called Clone High. This show is "ok" but they praise it to be the best thing to ever walk gods green Earth.

*Sees JFK Clone High meme for the millionth time* go to comments and its almost guaranteed that a bandkid/redditor made the comment," nothing bad ever happened to the Kennedys". This is done for easy likes from other humorless saps.
By Cindie
If 1 Million & 1 People Join This Group Nothing Will Happen!
A large, popular group on Facebook consisting of members from all over the world.

If 1 Million & 1 People Join This Group Nothing Will Happen!

Best of the Groups, best of the posters and best of wit!
By Missie