Define Nuisance Meaning

Basically means that someone is annoying.

"You're such a nuisance! I can't keep this up!"
By Andie
1. One who is annoying.
2. One who wants people to follow rules but does not in return.
Leprochanic Elephantas
Phat Kid

1. You stupid nuisance!
2a. Go "over there" and "do that"!
2b. Don't tell me anything just do it!
2c. What makes you think I'll listen to you.
2d. If you don't shut up, I'm gonna stick you!
By Rhody
someone who is annyoing

also see Matija Malovan

He is such a nuisance! Why can't he stop being Matija?
By Oliy

By Ede
It's that 40 something year old guy who drives back and forth in a jacked up, loud white truck, all day long; that's sounds like he's really moving while he's actually barely creeping along. Probably a massive over-compensation for his short-comings that causes dissatisfactions for others.

There goes that Arnold Gump fuck again causing such an un-necessary nuisance
By Christiana
The result of a friend or companion being such a nuisance or disturbance in their friend's house that they force the friend to physically remove them. This is performed most popularly through dragging, yet pushing is another popular method.

Clair was being such a tool when she came over today. She was leaving dirty dishes all over my house, and mistreating my cat. My annoyance reached an unacceptable level when she changed my homepage to an inappropriate website, that I had to get rid of her. I nuisanced Clair when she told me she that she would not leave.
By Luz
1. Someone who is handsome and who people enjoy working with.
2. Someone intelligent.

Look at him, he is a nuisance.
By Rena
School Nuisance
Someone who shows very loud and aggressive tendencies and rages on 2k while they should be doing school work.

By Briny
Youtube Nuisance
When you and your friends are sharing a computer to watch Youtube videos, and one person just HAS to show you a different video in the middle of every other one.

My friends and I were watching Ask A Ninja when one of them searched Keyboard Cat right in the middle of the video. What a Youtube Nuisance... I swear to god...
By Lu
Nuisance Of Cyclists
A group of three or more cyclists gathering or travelling on a public road.

As used when describing a "Flock of birds", "School of fish", etc

He was late for work as he encountered a "Nuisance of cyclists" blocking the road.
By Emalia