Define Obedient Meaning

when typing the name maddie on T9word or any form of word on a cell phone, it first comes up as obedie. obedie, however is NOT in the dictionary.

(texting your friend) OMG did you see obedie's outfit? oh i mean maddie.
By Chrissie
a really really pretty girl that is really nice and an overall awesome girl

That girl maddie, obedie!
By Morgen
To carry out or fulfill the command, order, or instruction of.

As coined by former dancer Mandi Martin, this term is sometimes used in place of obey.

Is also at times used mistakingly in place of obedient.

It was all I could do to get her to obediate my instructions.
By Leia

a good obedient prostitute dosen't care what you do to her billy
By Lian
Obedient Breath
A small wind easy to manipulate magically. Used for bypassing magical nexuses by spreading their threads until the gap is big enough to walk through.

I used an Obedient Breath to spread the threads farther apart, too subtle to trigger it.
By Alix
Malicious Obedience
The Modus Operandi adopted by those who work for people convinced of their own infallible decision-making prowess, where one gleefully does what they’re told, even though they know it’s misguided, and waiting for the moment when it all blows up in their supervisor’s face. The precursor to schadenfreude. Term introduced on the Handyman for the Common Man web-only TV show.

Mildred: “I can’t believe the IT Department insists on designing our web site without consulting you, the Graphic Designer, but then expects you to create the lame artwork for it the day before we go live.”
Trev: “I have pledged them my full and complete malicious obedience. It’ll be a disaster, fo’ shizzle.”
By Estel
Obedient Bitch
A bitch that obeys and serves her males without a complaint.

Male: Go get me a Fillet Mignon, Medium Rare, pepper flaked, with a side of asparagus.

OB: Yes, master.

Male: What an obedient bitch!
By Nissy
Obedience Training
Obedience training is a term for when a bitch makes you pull out and does not let you cum in and/or on her. Then, one must grab her by the hair and rub her nose in it while smacking her on the head, much like you would a dog that has urinated on the carpet.

Because that slut knew my name and wasn't on the pill, i was forced to take her to obedience training.
By Lethia
Obedience Monkey
A name given to a person, most often a government employee, who mindlessly obeys orders. Even when said orders are no longer valid or are counterproductive to the main objective.

"I heard local PD harassing long haul truckers who were trying to catch some sleep. Why are they such obedience monkeys?"
By Charleen
Obedience Fanatic
The Obedience Fanatic works from the base of a theory which has almost no proven basis in reality-that the government line of events is unquestionably true, and that anyone who questions it is mentally unbalanced. Despite all the lies and cover-ups perpetrated by governments and the powers that be over the centuries, people have always existed who are so steadfast in their trust that all government versions of events are definitive and undeniable that it borders on mental illness.

The Obedience Fanatic has become more prominent recently with the debate over the whether the official version of the events of 9/11 is true or not. There are many people asking questions, yet the Obedience Fanatic simply dismisses questions about the official version out of hand, and labels doubters as lunatics.
By Hyacinthie