Define Object Meaning

a stupid person. their intelligence is the same as other objects such as chairs, lamposts etc.

similar to tool or weapon in some areas.

you are such a fuckin object mate, sort ya life out.
By Aeriela
An object is an item that can be interacted, for example a coffee mug. You can interact with it by filling it with consumable liquid and drink what’s in it. NOT a word to insult a woman/girl with.

Person #1: Hey dude, pass me a random object.

Person #2 passes then a coffee mug. NOT a woman/girl.
By Hulda
Definition of Object: That which holds shape.

That which holds shape is thus seen or felt, otherwise we would not know "it" had shape, and in turn, to hold shape and be experienced or detected, a minimum volume and density of mass are needed. Shape can be naturally formed, or shape can be given to form an object, which is then usually named.

"Nature does not require an object, yet to perform physics, we do".
By Sheryl
A word often used in the Ace Attorney series when one objects to something. It is usually accompanied with desk-slamming and epic background music.

Player: "Hmm.. I dunno... maybe it's this one?" *Present*

Phoenix: "OBJECTION!"

*Cross-examination music stops playing*

By Charissa
Phoenix Wright's bold statement whenever he believes a witness to be lying their pants off.

Girlfriend: "But honey, I never cheated on you with Billy!"

Boyfriend: "OBJECTION! That sticky white stuff on your shoes clearly contradicts your statement."
By Belicia
thing that funny lawyer man says in funny anime court game

"objection!... i object... that was objectionable"
"objection! the statue of limitations on this trial ends today!"
By Gerianne
'This evidence clearly reveals the contradiction in that statement, Your Honor!'

(That's one 'OBJECTION!' too many! Lost one Exclamation Point!)
By Neilla
An opinion or perception based solely on factual or conditional information, untainted and without distortion by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudices. All bets are off when it comes to your subjective opinion, there are no rules and restriction. This perception of possibly the same situation, etc. is likely formed by experiences, cultural influences, and possibly even prejudicial beliefs.

The daily paper strives to report an objective, unbiased view of events. Where as in the opinion section the authors can use their opinions and biases to present the same events.
By Melania

it is hard to find definitions that employ the use of objectivity!!
By Debra
A word that is commonly confused with subjectively, consequently, or something that ends with "ly". "Objectively" is an adverb, used to describe the subject being presented in an impersonal manner.

The word is used unnecessarily by people who have the habit of adding lengthy words to make them feel like their texts have more credibility, but it makes them look like that scumbag who would write reports with excessive amounts of text rather than getting to the point.

Quality is more important than quantity is what they say. We objectively don't need people using "objectively" to make their texts look more meaningful. See what I did there? Remove the "objectively" after "We", and you'll have something that is more readable.

The study objectively tests for whether the subjects' eye colors are dependent variables of the reaction times in an environment of 0.005 lux.
By Sela