Define Obvious Meaning

Obvious DUH!
2. something totally clear

Marie "Is it really that obvious that I like him?"
Friend "You scribbled 'I LOVE MIKE' on your entire notebook... so I'd say, yeah, it's pretty obvious!"
By Melanie
The favorite word of mathematicians and computer scientists alike. Used when they don't want to go into detail about a component of their paper or proof. Sometimes acts to discourage people from asking unwanted questions by making them feel stupid.

"While the Binary Indexed Tree is a data structure designed to implement dynamic cumulative frequency tables, efficiently answering range queries with point updates, given a static array, it is obvious that this is unnecessary, as the table can easily be generated by processing the array using a simple O(n) loop." -A Computer Scientist
By Tessy
Read as "slash obvious", it is used at the end of a statement to note that the previously said was not necessary or the topic being discussed is nothing to talk about because its outcome is so obvious.

A recent study revealed that men actually enjoy sex!
By Lori
(lat: "Ob vio": in front of eyes")

A situation so clearly, that you can see it in front of your eyes.

- Oh, my god, that guy is wearing a long night dress!
Is he gay, or something?...
- Well, d'oh! It's so OBVIOUS...
By Salome

Minsung are so obvious, even Changbin ships them~
By Carmon
Obvious Troll Is Obvious
Used on MMO forums the world (of warcraft) over, this meme phrase means that someone is a troll. Or trolling.

Phrase is said to originate, like so many other annoying memes, from lolcats, in this case "longcat is long."

Nubbins: ZOMG I waz dieded wai does game SUK DIK much plz plz nerf thing that kill ME!!!!11

Player: Obvious troll is obvious.
By Louella
Obviously Obvious
Used when someone asks a question and they already know what the awnser will be. Mostly asked by people how ask questions just to hear their on voice.

Enrique: So are we getting drunk tonight
Carmen: Its obviously obvious, silly.
By Lydia
Captain Obvious
a sarcastic name for someone who states the obvious

Cat: "The sky is blue"
Rich: "Thanks, Captain Obvious"
By Charline
General Obvious
getting promoted from captain obvious to general obvious because you always point out the obvious all the time.

Bob always points out that he has no arms and legs. Thanks general obvious. You point out everything that is obvious so you have been promoted. congradulations.
By Celene
Mr. Obvious
1. Character originated on the "Bob and Tom" radio show portraying the host of a call in show of the same name.
2. Individual with the super power of blinding sarcasm.

Mr. Obvious: "Caller the reason that vibrating flashlight you found in wife's underwear drawer won't light is maybe it's not a flashlight. Let's try to narrow this down. Does it feel a little slick or greasy?" Caller "Yeah, so?"
By Vonni