Define Obviously Meaning

Word you can overuse to deny something that is actually true.

But obviously there's no truth to it, i mean OBVIOUSLY
By Hannis
when you say its not true

By Farah

I'm just awesome... obviously
By Sophie
maddening cliché, adverb

1. A word overused in the wrong way by ignorant British speakers who mean ‘of course’ but for some reason will not use that perfectly adequate phrase.

2. Used as a filler word to hold the floor in a conversation, the ignorant, British speaker believing that ‘obviously’ sounds intellectual, unlike ‘er, um’.

3. In an obvious manner, overtly.

4. A word used to excuse the speaker for stating something which is openly apparent to the listener.

1. Shane: “So I was in the darkroom all alone, right? And obviously, my daughter having secretly swapped the chemicals for some other ones, the fumes obviously sent me to sleep. Obviously, I didn’t wake up until the meteorite burst through the ceiling.”
Cedric: “Obvious to whom? You are an oaf, Shane.”

2. “Well, Gary … we’re going to go out there and play some football today and, er, hopefully, come away with a result …obviously… cuz… well, that’s what football’s about, at the end of the day – obviously – the results speak for themselves and basically, it’s all about the silverware on the sideboard at the end of the season so we’re going to try to score some goals and …obviously…”

3. “Dicky was coming on to Harriet so obviously that we all covered our faces and groaned with embarrassment.”

4. “It was at that point, officer that he stabbed me. Sorry about the blood all over your shoes. My shirt is ruined, obviously. Do you think I could claim for that on my insurance?”
By Devonna

By Yolanda
Obviously Not
when something is blatent obvious, sarcasm, founded by the clipston click

"do you want some weed?"
"obviously not"
By Anita
When something is right in front of you and you can't see it.

obviousism is when you’re looking in your pantry or refrigerator for a particular food item and can't find it, then some else comes over and points to it and it was really -- right in front of you because just experienced an obviousism.
By Jenica
An explanation offered with little clarity, to which the listener is met with a scoff and expression of disdain when requesting further detail.

The hour long discussion was full of obviousisms that left all, but one, feeling inadequate.
By Margot
Obviously There's No Truth To It, Obviously
"umm its a fuuny thing,i mean, people can believe what they want they want to believe" blah blah blah, while trying his best to deny larry, "but obviously theres no truth to it,ya know, ObViOuSlY" ~ louis tomlinson.

"if you google a conspiracy on ... uh Iphones, youre gonna get a CoNsPiRaCy, but in reality, obviously there's no truth to it, obviously "

defination by dhwani
twitter: @larryishotasf
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By Debbi
Obviousities are nouns that are blatant.

Example 1: "Did you see that ninja? Yes? Exactly. He's an obviousity, and needs to be fired."

Example 2: "Spare me the statistical obviousities and give me the details!"
By Bari