Define Officer Meaning

Short for commissioned-officer.

Military noncomissioned member: "Here comes an officer!"
By Mercedes

That Muthafuckin police Officer pulled me over and took my sticky icky.
By Datha
one who exemplifies the purity of the word toolbag

that officer is a toolbag
By Ulla
The Office
is the best show this world will ever see.

I love The Office so much it is the best show ever.
By Corny
The Office
A BBC2 office comedy that was a huge hit in the UK. The US version is also very funny, with Steve Carrell starring as the boss. A quiet kind of humour that will have you doubling over.

Steve Carrell: "This is Pam, our secretary. If you think she's cute now, you should have seen her two years ago! Ho boy!"
By Bertie
The Office
Simply the greatest show in telvisin history.

Hey did you catch The Office last night?
By Madelyn
A waiting room where most of us wait to die after we have completed college.

If someone works a 40 hour a week job for 40 years, they will have spent approximately 9 years of their life at work. And since so many die soon after retirement, offices are waiting rooms for people waiting to die.
By Matelda
When you’re so official you can’t spell it right.

Woah he’s an offical baller.
By Marji
The Office

Father - "Honey, I'm going to The Office!"
Mother - "Ok dear, see you tonight."
By Agnella
The Office

"Have you ever watched The Office?"
By Guillemette