Define Officially Meaning

1. publicly or formally
2. obviously, apparently or clearly

1. Sony officially cuts price of PS3
2. "I'm officially missing you" - "Officially Missing You" by Tamia
By Trudi
Officially Official
to be officially official with said official action/task.

Tom was finally officially official with finishing his class project
By Roxanne
Official Official
When your friend says your official official but no official official it means that she dosen't know and is having fun with your confused expression.

Boy: So are we official?
Girl: we're official official but not official official. You get what I mean?
Boy: ...
By Hilliary

YO lock at them aiiiirrr forces" yeah them shits official. ight dawg!!! im about to cawp/cop me a pair
By Oneida
To be official, doing something that's official, Just straight up official.

The ram shows his officialness everyday by shitting on his customers.
By Vin

That party might be official
By Olenka

"this nigga is worse than officiality" Man 1

Man B commits proceeds to chop of his testicles, kill his grandmother, and jump off a cliff.
By Edna
Officialization – (v) {uh-fish-uhl-I-zey-shuhn} the act of appointing or authorizing an official document, office or position of duty, or organization.

The officialization process for any club on campus is a very tedious one.
By Shena
- To perform the duties and functions of an office or a position of authority.
- To serve as an officiant.
- Sports. To serve as a referee or umpire.

A man got sick because of a-fish-he-ate.
By Bamby
1.To make any document official by having it notarized or filed with the proper government office. 2. To make legitimate.

Take your paperwork and get it officialized.
By Adria