Define Offline Meaning

Used in business to describe communication outside of the normal channel, or defered to a later time.
Durind a discussion with a large group of people, an issue may be "taken offline" so that it can be discussed by a smaller group of people at a later time.

During a conference call: โ€œThis discussion doesn't pertain to everyone here, you and I can take it offline.โ€
By Fredericka

Right now you are, obviously, not offline.
By Tish
Commonly misused to mean online, ie from the internet, when, in fact, they mean the exact opposite.

I bought my new computer offline.
I met my boyfriend offline.
By Tate
The act of signing offline immediately upon being sent an instant message by someone you don't want to talk to. This can also be done abruptly in the middle of a convo as if to say "piss off, I'm done".

Dude #1: "Yo, that really annoying chick is IMing me again! what should i say?"

Dude #2: "Nothing, Offline the bitch"
By Paola
A message sent on an IM client while the other person is offline.

I sent my boss an offliner, I hope he gets it on time.
By Marcy
when someone you are talking to online on facebook chat or msn etc goes offline in the middle of a conversation without saying bye.

cheers for offlining me dude!
By Gerianne
To be killed in a MMORPG while offline. Typically, the lowest form of cowardly attack or revenge.

Our team was online and ready. We went to their base, and destroyed everything using rockets and explosive ammo. They were all offline. We stole or destroyed absolutely everything, and offlined them real good!
By Rubetta
people who watch streams when the streamer isn't live

hey did you watch the karl jacobs stream last night?
no, i was going to watch the vid today, couldn't catch the stream
god, you're one of those offliners
By Celie
A person who has no idea about anything and has never tried to understand.

Person says:
I tried to tell him how to work the computer but he plainly refused. He thinks its too hard. He's offline.

By Netta
To block someone from an instant messaging program, thus having the person view you as "offline" instead of being available for chat.

i)I offlined Elizabeth because she talks too much about her dogs, I don't even care about dogs

ii)I don't see him online anymore on MSN...he probably offlined me...who will take my dogs to the doctor? Can dogs use MSN?
By Cecily