Define Oh My Gosh Meaning

Oh My Gosh
Much like oh my god, or the shortened form omg, oh my gosh can also be condensed into omg, and thus people will have no idea whether you are talking about god or gosh. However, angry Christians who hate to use the Lord's name in vain, usually type oh my gosh online, rather than oh my god.

omg u no dat movei wiff ashtin kosher???
i like kosher food.
do you dare say the lord's name in vain!?!?!?!?
no omg sry plz
maybe she said oh my gosh.
b-b-but it may have been the other one...
oh my god, you mean?
I don't believe in Hell.
omgz u loserz lolz
By Karin
Oh My Gosh
An exclamation of surprise, excitement, sadness, or fear. Pretty much the wimpy way of saying "oh my god." usually used by strong christians or when in a group of christians and you just want to be safe and not offend anyone.

Person 1: I just saw a dead deer on the side of the road!
Person 2: Oh my gosh, that's so sad!

Oh my gosh! I'm so excited to go to Emma's birthday party!

Oh my gosh, you scared me! I didn't see you standing there.

Oh my gosh, what if my parents find out about me failing my math quiz?? Oh no!
By Rhiamon
Oh My Goshed
To be overwhelmed by something, generally in an impressed way.

This was popularized by Faith Korpi on the popular 5by5 radio show Geek Friday.

I saw Star Wars Episode 1 and Oh My Goshed.
By Anthea
Oh My Gosh

Oh my gosh, that is so cool!
By Bettye
Oh My Gosh
An expression used and claimed by Annalise.

Oh my gosh stop!
By Farah
Oh My Gosh
A expression of shock, owned by Annalise.

Oh my gosh stop!
By Bridget
LMA-Oh My Gosh
When you think something is a joke so you start typing "LMAO" but then you realize that it is something serious so you use "oh my gosh" shook serious

By Gennifer
Oh My Gosh Guys
this word was being said less and less in the hallways of Hanover High until a young "girl" by the name of Carmen A decided that she'd say before and/or after every single sentence. usually it is said in a gay, i'm a 12 year old girl on helium voice which drives me and drew into random fits of craziness because we cannot take her madness anymore

oh my gosh guys!! i got last in my track meet yesterday because i was running so slow because nick wanted me to get rugburns on my knees and oh my gosh guys i didn't even know what that meant oh my gosh guys i'm hungry!!
By Danella
OH MY GOsh EDucAte YOuRseLf
When two bitches went to ace con and we’re rude to Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie. And now has become a meme.

Seb: who’s tessa?
By Melina
Oh My Freaking Gosh
online christian chat rooms... for those who don't want to take the lords name in vain.. and oh yes.. they do really use it for that.. try one and ask... really

she fucking blocked me? WTF, OMFG
By Eydie