Define Ole Miss Meaning

Ole Miss
We're not snobs. We're just better than you. Go to hell, LSU.

I went to Ole Miss beause I'm too smart for State and too broke for Vandy.
By Ivory
Ole Miss
beat msu 20-3, the typical rebel fan can not stand a lsu fan because they are coon-ass hicks

guess what, we play lsu you at home this year

we will surely kick their ass!
By Ruby
Ole Miss
the ass holes of the deep south (louisiana mississippi & alabama); where your parents send you if youre not smart enough to get into any other southern school because you can buy the professers off (i swear they do this, how else did my dumbass uncle get an 'education'?)

old miss students have sorry ass parties; wishes they were lsu
By Carolan
Ole Miss
Ole Miss is located in the rolling hills of North Mississippi about 80 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee. The typical Ole Miss student is a good looking Southern girl/guy who enjoys tailgating in the Grove during football season, fraternity/sorority life, and all things preppy. Ole Miss students usually have a deep hatred for LSU and sometimes Mississippi State as well.

Tailgating at Ole Miss is definately the best anywhere!
By Barbey
Ole Miss
Harvard of the South where all things preppy and greek reside. We are home of the Mannings (we still love Peyton) and the best tailgating in the SEC. We don't buy our grades because are too busy spending our money on the Square.

During football season, the town of Oxford shuts down because everyone is in the Grove cheering on the Ole Miss Rebels.
By Inez
Ole Miss
Ole Miss (The University of Mississippi). is located on the beautiful rolling hills of north Mississippi in the charming small southern town of Oxford. The typical Ole Miss male student is very preppy and conservative, he wears Polo shirts and some type of slacks or columbia PFG shorts and a Kavu visor. The typical Ole Miss female student is very appealing, wears nice and good-looking clothes, and usually has her daddy's credit card in her back pocket. The Grove at Ole Miss is home to the greatest tailgating in all of sports. Ole Miss is the home to the 2nd ranked honors college in the nation, and excels in most of its other academic programs. Ole Miss was recently voted the Number 2 party school in the nation. Ole Miss' in-state rival Mississippi State is very redneck and does not have nearly the academic stature that Ole Miss has.

Hey Mike, are you going to Mississippi State? Hell no, Bob, My ACT/SAT scores were way to high, I'm going to Ole Miss.
By Loralee
Ole Miss
Located in Oxford, Mississippi, this is the smallest university in the great state of Mississippi even with the highest acceptance rate among the three major colleges in the state (Mississippi State and Southern Miss). Students typically have lower GPA's (than State and Southern) and a taste for dressing like snobs and often try to pretend they aren't from Mississippi. Ole Miss is academically and soon to be totally athletically inferior to Mississippi State.

Parker - "Dude, I can get into State. My GPA is too low!"
Sam - "Man, don't worry. Buy yourself some loafers, and go to Ole Miss. It's easy to get accepted there."
By Eda
Ole Miss
Better known by the rest of the world as "Ole PISS". This terrible place is located in Northern Mississippi and is littered with snobby-jackass-redneck-fucktard-alcoholic-dick-sucking people who frown upon the common Mississippian who actually has to earn their way to college and not have their parents pay for it. Their football team is a joke and is constantly overshadowed by much, much better SEC teams like Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Florida and Mississippi State. They hate being called The University of Mississippi because it has too many letters in it and its "hard to spell." They use the pseudonym because they think they are hiding the fact that it is still in crappy ass Mississippi. The school itself is great, it is the students that make it a terrible place to go to school.

Dillon: Ole Miss makes my bowels shift. I cant wait to see them lose to everybody like they always do.

Chris: They dont call em Ole Piss for nothing!
By Benedikta
Ole Miss
A nice place where boys retreat from their childhood fears and the Klan marches freely. Snooty types, that claim their rival is LSU even though everyone knows LSU and ARK play for the biggest trophy in college football. If you're in the business of running off mascots, heritiage, and getting your ass handed to you by Mississippi State, you will love this place.

man I'm glad Ole Miss Col Reb wasn't here to see that maroon and white ass painting we got from Dan Mulen
By Yettie
Ole Miss
A college in North Mississippi. A school where most don't go to learn, just to party. As such the education is mediocre at best. Synonymous with relation to assholes, douchebags, dicks, pricks, and stupidity. In fact its almost a special breed, not seen elsewhere in the world.

Did you see that guy? He's a total Ole Miss prick.
By Kori