Define Omg Meaning

Possibly the most irritating piece of chatroom vernacular in existence. Often used by teenage girls in chatroom who, for some reason, punctuate their sentences with "Like", "Totally", "soooooooo" and "Lolz."

Correct Response - "Speak proper, or STFU, N00B!"

"OMG WTF! u nevaz did dat, like, dats like, fkin gay! if i did dat id be like, wowz!!!!" - Actual AOL chat quote.
By Yelena
Acronym. Generally "Oh my God!" For some people that don't like taking the Lord's name in vain, "Oh my gosh!" For Googlists, "Oh my Google!"

OMG there's a lot of pages on the internet!
By Nani
Net-centric abbreviation for the popular exclamation "Oh my God/goodness/gosh!" (generally used in conversations to exclaim surprise or disgust). Most commonly used by teenage girls who find it depressingly hard to type out an entire word. Reinforces assumptions that humans seem to be getting dumber from generation to generation. See also u, like.

Teenage idiot: "like OMG did u c dat totaly cutte gy? he wuz like, so cutte"

Silent then proceeds to sock her in the face.
By Elisha
OMG stands for Omnipresent Meatball God. OMG is the god of meatballs, and he is also constantly with you.

Of the many gods, OMG spends the most time with humans.
By Charmine
What you should say if someone is wearing fake Jordans, baggy black jeans, oversized white shirt, fake designer jewelry and a baseball cap ninety degrees turned.

By Joelie
quick, easy and annoying way of saying 'oh my god'.

it's time-effective blaspheming for all those busy chatroom-users!!

"omg that is so cool!!!"
By Trudi
OMG: Three simple letters that have many,many reasons.
Here are the well known ones:
1.~Oh My God:Used to exclaim shock,joy,ectasy,anger, fear ...just about every emotion there is. May result in *pain* if said anywhere near fundamentalist CR-AAA-ZY Catholic/Christian types. See "Oh my Allah!" for muslims.

Christain : *punch*

2.~Oh My Goth:Used as a putdown for those seen as "gothic". Goths' rarely find this offensive.But if they do,run for your life! *Has flashback*


And the lesser known ones....
3.~Oily Men Grunting.
A well known gay porn film,featuring Italian men. Does what it says on the tin.

"Oooh,after Brokeback Mountain I fancy OMG!"
"Oily Men Grunting,of course!"

4.~ Over Medicated Generation.
The present generation.Our over medicated state leads to strange behaviour. See "Emo","Emo Boys Kissing" and "MTV"
for more evidence.

"Here,Honey take your pills with your brekkie!"
"Snap,crackle and prozac!"

OMG: It never ceases to amuse.
By Miguela
Commonly thought of as the acronym for "oh my god", however it really means "operate my gooch". The person on the receiving end of the remark must then lick, suck, fondle or somehow "operate" on the gooch of the one who made the remark.

Brennan- "Hey! What are you doing? Wanna come over?"
Linda- "I'm playing checkers, what about you?"
Brennan- "OMG. Me too! You should come over and we can play checkers then you can fondle my bacon strip and surrounding area!"
By Hildy
The name of the LORD abbreviated in vain.

OMG WTF LOL !!?!!!!!1!!1!1!11one!!!
By Therese
Abbreviation for "Oh my God." Most commonly used online and in chat rooms. However, people who can not be bothered or are too stupid to string three words together and must use the letters instead use it in everyday life as well.

"omg last night was so f-ing cool!"
"like oh em gee did you hear that jane broke up with bob and bob is going out with jane's brother's uncle's aunt's cousin's dog's hamster's mom? like omgzs!"
By Mellicent