Define On Notice Meaning

On Notice
a verb. used for when someone does something that is negative but not bad enough to need a beat-down. a verbal warning

Todd put Dan on notice when he spilled Dan's beer
By Fredericka
On Notice
When playing a best of game and one player is a single game or match away from losing they are said to be on notice.

Ben is one match away from losing this game. Drew put his ass on notice.
By Valentina
: A behavioral scientist who notices particular patterns of behavior in particular groups of people AND refuses to attribute these patterns to mere coincidence.

: An expert in pattern recognition.
~ The noticer is reviled by the ruling class elite because it is their odious behavior that is being exposed by his pattern recognition. Thus he is often smeared as a Nazi or White supremacist.

Noticers on social media have been sharing Tweets of fellow White People, exposing their bigotry and triggering outbursts of kvetching.
By Theo
something other than ice

Sometimes there is ice and sometimes there's notice.
By Joana
Mid South slang for someone or something that is crazy or wild.

What are you notic fuckers up to tonight?

I just took one notic ass shit, damn.
By Lesly
Something which grabs someones attention
Can be a sign
A notification such as on facebook
Or Noticing someone

Example 1:
P1: Woah Duddddde.. I love driving fast
P2: You should really pay attention to the speed limit
P1: Where is that?!
P2: Look at the notice mate

Example 2:
P1: Uggghh FFS.. Another Bloody Notification
P1: I don't care that someone else has taken the same quiz as me!!!

Example 3:
P1: Hey... I noticed you noticing me.. and I wanted you to notice that I noticed you noticing me.. and next time I notice you noticing me.. I want you to notice that I noticed you noticing me.. without me having to say so ;)
P1: WTF?!
By Kori

By Carri
1. Just a word used on a sign to attract attention.

2. A word used to tell someone to take into consideration because of importance.

1. Notice: This sign serves no meaning. It was just a test to see if you would pay attention to this sign because it had "Notice:" in it. It worked.

2. Notice: Any trespassers will be shot.
By Aretha
Something on a yellow metal pole that tells you what you gotta do and you gotta figure out how ya gonna do it.

"I'm driving here!"
By Lou
short for hypnotiq, a a blue liquor. The company who makes it is owned by Jay-Z.

"sip notic by the liters" - gansta nation
By Christalle